Clara has always had social anxiety, but with every year it gets worse, until one year everything is too much for her. Everything she's been through has shaped her into someone she never would have imagined. Her wrists and thighs are stained, and people have begun to see through her disguise. They've made her into the monster she's become. Can she escape all the bullies and her thoughts, or will she give in to the pain?


6. Jessie and Megan

Jessie is Brian's best friend, who happens to cut. Clara was close to both Brian and Jessie in grade 9, but they all stopped talking and slowly just grew apart. 

Clara's only friend, Megan, happens to have been really close with Jessie when he started to cut again recently, they don't really talk anymore, but she still looks out for him. She's always telling Clara about how much she worries about and cares about him.

Jessie's grandmother died, among other things, and he was heartbroken, and still is. He started thinking about suicide. When they were close Megan had talked him out of it a couple times.

Clara had started to talk to Jessie again a little bit, but she only did that because she missed the friendship she had with the two boys and because she wanted to set him up with Megan. 


The next day at school Clara searched everywhere for Jessie at lunch. After making a couple laps of their school, she finally found him talking to Brian and some of the freshman girls. Clara took a deep breath and mustered all the courage she had left. She took a couple steps toward them, but stopped to take another breath. 

Clara tapped on Jessie's shoulder and he turned around. He wore a puzzled expression, his eyebrows knit together and his dark blue eyes showed confusion.

"Clara?" he asked, taking a step backwards, away from the group. "Whats up?"

"I was wondering if we could talk for a minute?" Clara asked him, but he just looked at her. "Please. It's really important." she pleaded. 

He sighed and looked over at Brian who was looking at us questioningly, but Jessie just shrugged and followed her.

Clara led him to the staircase where she'd been the day before, and as always, there was no one else there. Clara proceeded to sit on the floor with he back against the wall. Jessie followed her lead and sat beside her.

"What's going on?" He asked, obviously still extremely confused. 

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