Clara has always had social anxiety, but with every year it gets worse, until one year everything is too much for her. Everything she's been through has shaped her into someone she never would have imagined. Her wrists and thighs are stained, and people have begun to see through her disguise. They've made her into the monster she's become. Can she escape all the bullies and her thoughts, or will she give in to the pain?


11. Anger

Clara took a step backwards, shocked.

"Give me a hug." Her mother said, reaching her arms out to Clara, but Clara just shook he head. She balled her hands into fists, anger rushing though her veins like fire, but she didn't have a choice. Clara took a deep breath just as her mothers arms wormed their way around her. She tried to match her mother's breath so she wouldn't snap. "Come on, hug me." Her mother prompted. 

"No." Clara whispered, taking a step away. her mother just stood there, stunned and confused. "No." Clara repeated, louder this time. "You can't do that, it's not right!." She began to scream, warm tears flooding her cheeks. "You can't yell at me, call me useless and insult my friends.You don't have the right! You don't know anything about me or them, or anything we've been through. You can't insult my friends and I and then come down here and try to pretend that everything's okay and that you're the perfect parent. There's no excuse for how oblivious you are and how awful you make me feel!" Clara's voice echoed around them, bouncing off the walls and hitting her other like a slap in the face. Clara had never snapped like that before, she'd never said anything back to her mother and now, everything was out there. "I'm leaving." Clara stated. 

She turned and went back into her room, grabbed some clothes, her makeup bag and threw it all into a bag. Clara walked passed her mother without looking at her and walked out the back door.

Once she was outside the tears came, more tears than ever. They streamed down her face, leaving behind streaks. With no where to go Clara walked around her neighborhood until she was far away from her house. After collapsing on the grass at the park, she pulled her cellphone out of her pocket. Who could she even call?


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