Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


8. Chapter 8

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up on the living room floor. Ouch! I had a splitting headache! That's it no more drinking! Haha this hangover is getting to my head! Did I just say that! I got up and walked over to the kitchen to see if there was any pain killers or something like that. I grabbed the box of tablets from the cupboard and tossed one In my mouth before gulping down a glass of water. In turned around and saw Harry and Cara! She was up on the counter and her arms were around his neck, and he had his filthy hands on the hips! I felt like my heart had just been smashed against the wall! I felt light headed. I needed some air. I walked out of the kitchen and headed out of the back door. I tried to get my mind off everything but I just couldn't stop thinking about her! I looked up and saw a girl standing in front of me. It was Monisa!!! "Niall!" She exclaimed before jumping into my arms. "I'm so sorry! I promise i won't ever leave you again" I hugged her tight, remembering all the memories we shared. I pulled away and put my hands on her shoulders to look at her. She looked gorgeous! Her long black hair was curled very slightly. She was wearing a green shirt that said free hugs on it. She was wearing navy skinny jeans and white Nike blazers. I cupped her face and said... "You look great"

she blushed,she was smiling but her brown eyes were glossy and I could tell she was upset. I grabbed her hand and led her to the bench. 

I saw her shiver so I took off my hoodie and draped it over her shoulder. "Thanks" she said giving me a warm smile. "Ok listen, what happened? Why did you leave me? And what's wrong?" I bombarded her with all these questions and her beautiful smile fell from her face. She took a deep breath and she told me. She left me for a guy called Takula! She thought she was in love but he raped her as soon as she left me. He held her hostage. I felt tears streaming down my face. I looked over at her and I saw her just break down in front of me. It pained me to see her like that.It hurt me when she told me she had been cheating on me but I forgave her instantly when I found out the shit she had been through. My blood was boiling.if i ever found him i would kill him! We both started to calm down now. She looked at me with a sad face."Niall, can you please forgive me?" She asked. I looked into her eyes and I wiped her tears away with my thumb and pulled her in for a hug. "Love, I forgave you ages ago" I whispered in her ear before pulling away and taking a deep breath. "Wait so how did you get away?" I asked her with with a confused expression. 

"There was another girl, another girl that was there with me. He kidnapped her. He did the same to her, her name was Cara, Cara Stevens" my heart stopped. Cara was kidnapped, and raped! I just wanted to find this bastard and smash his face in!!! 
"She saw that once he left the window unlocked and we jumped out, I was lucky because she jumped first, she broke her leg from hitting the ground but she crawled and got some trash bags to soften my landing." I was speechless! 

1- he held some innocent girls hostage 

2-he violated them

Now I just wanted to kill this mofo! I led Monisa inside and saw her mouth drop open when she saw Cara. She quickly ran over to her and hugged her. Cara looked shocked at first but then recognised her and then they after just talked for aaaaaaages. I ended up going over to Harry! And interacting with him! "Hey" he said in his raspy voice. "Hi" I replied
"What's all that about?" He asked, pointing to the girls talking. 
"Oh nothing" I lied
"So when are we gonna head back?" I said trying to change the subject. "Lets just go now" he replied. 
"Cara! Love, were going!" He called to her while adjusting his laces on his plain white converse. 
Cara approached Harry and asked him if he could give Monisa a lift to UC. He smiled and agreed. I went over to Monisa and we all headed off....


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