Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


6. Chapter 6

Cara's P.O.V

Harry's so nice. He found me a bedroom to sleep in. I asked him to sleep with me, I know I'm drunk and I hope I don't regret saying that. "Umm Harry I don't have any night clothes" I said when I realised that this dress was way too uncomfortable to sleep in. He smiled and lifted his shirt up. Woah look at his abs! I felt my cheeks heat up and butterflies ur erupted in my stomach when his muscles flexed and he pulled his head through the hole. His sun kissed skin is so beautiful. Woah he's so hot! Ugh Cara what are you doing! You don't like him! His tattoos suited him and made him look even hotter. I couldn't help it! I couldn't keep my eyes off him. "Here" he said as he past me the shirt and e winked before walking into the bathroom. I waltzed around the room looking at every small detail. The bathroom door clicked and Harry walked out in just black Calvin Klein boxers! I tried to look away before he caught me staring."you see something you like?!" he said with his seductive raspy voice. He smirked. "No...I...Uh" I said before walking away. I turned my head and saw him laying on looking at the ceiling. He swept his mop of curls off his beautiful face. His emerald green eyes shimmered and he smiled making one of his dimples pop. "You know it's rude to stare" he said with a smirk as he sat up on the bed to face me. "I...umm...sorry" I said just before I walked to the bathroom. I Locked the door and looked in the mirror. I looked alright considering I'm a drunk teen at a house party full of creepy drug addicts. I washed my face and removed all the makeup before taking my heels off. I put my hand behind my back to try and pull the zip down to take my dress off, but I couldn't reach. I unlocked the door and raises my voice and Said "umm Harry can you come here for a min-" before I could finish my sentence Harry was already in the bathroom looking at me with a smirk on his face. Wow he's so hot when he does that. " taking off my umm..dress" I mumbled. "Ok Come here love" he pulled me close to him. With my back facing his. He stood me in front of the mirror and slowly pulled the zip down with one hand and the other hand he was holding onto my waiste. I felt goosebumps form all over my skin as he ran his finger down my back when he finished pulling the zip down. He kept his eyes locked on mine and he moved my long hair to one shoulder and he ran his calloused fingers along the crook of my neck. "Your beautiful" he whispered in my ear. I could feel his warm, moist lips on my earlobe. His breathe was warm but it ran shivers down my spine. I blushed. He looks unbelievably sexy right now. And so seductive... 

He slowly pulled my dress down and I stood there in my bra and pants just looking at his gorgeous eyes. He winked at me and put his hand on the bottom of my spine and pulled me closer. If anyone else would have Done this I would have Whooped their arse to next Tuesday. But his touch made me tingle. He looked at my pink lips and moved closer. Our faces were inches apart. I felt his warm breath on my face. My breathing started getting heavier, my heart was pounding. My body was feeling so hot. He smashed his lips onto mine and I was shocked at first but then couldn't help it! I kissed back. Our mouths moving in synch. It became very passionate. He cupped my face and pulled me closer. I bit his bottom lip and I heard him moan. "Again!" He demanded. I bit his lip again and he moaned even louder. I felt something hard did into my stomach Then I realised what it was. Harry's dick! He pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me with our lips still connected. I grabbed his curls and tugged on them. I swallowed his moans. I felt his arms unhook my bra. I didn't care. I love how he made me feel. I tugged at his waistband of his boxers and he knew what to do....

*30 minutes later

"Well that was amazing" he said trying to regain his breath. I can't believe I just had sex with a guys I've only known for a day! I'm such a slut! "Yeh!" I said. I was so out of breath. He was so good. Best I ever had (hips don't lie, you make me wanna, irreplaceable!) He was way better than Elliot, my ex! 

He had a thin layer if sweat covering his skin. It wasn't gross though. It made him look sexy! His body shimmered! My body was covered with a bed sheet. I wrapped it around my body and headed to the bathroom to have a shower. I picked up Harry's shirt and a towel and then closed the door. Leaving harry on the bed naked, with nothing to cover himself with.I let the water run in the shower so it was hot when I get in. 

I looked at myself in the mirror. I had a hickey!!! It was on the right side if my neck. I didn't remember Harry giving me that! I climbed into the shower and just stood under there for about ten minutes and heard the door open! "Shit!" I mumbled. I didn't lock the door. I sighed as he climbed in. He eyed my naked body and came and stood next to me. "Let me have a go!" He said like a five year old as he gently pushed me to the side and soaked his body. Woah he's just so sexy!

(Authors note)
-omg this is my longest chapter yet! 
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