Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


4. Chapter 4

Nialls P.O.V

"Guys, Ima pop round the girls dorm to go check on Perrie. if any of you wanna come it's room 103" Zayn said just before he basically sprinted down the hall to go see his girlfriend. Lou and Liam followed behind a minute later. Now it was just me and Harry. Man! Why did he have to get in the way! I could have kissed her, I could be going over to her room to go take her to the party! Wait! "Harry what room did Zayn say the girls were in?" I asked desperately.
"103, why?" He asked with a confused but yet devious look on his face. Caras in 103! I ran to the room as fast as I could and saw the boys already in the doorway. Yes this is the room! I pushed past the boys and saw her! Cara! She was standing there. She was wearing a black dress that was just a few inches above her knees. The dress was strapless and had a cut out back. Her dress had gold studs in the chest. Her hair was pulled over one shoulder and it was slightly curled. She looked sexy! She was wearing black stilettos with gold detail. I looked her up and down, I saw no flaws. She's just perfect. " ca...Cara you l...look amazing!" Was all I could say. I was speechless. "Umm thanks" she mumbled and looked down and blushed. We all headed out of the door and I rushed to her side. I looked up and say she was talking to Harry! I clenched my fists so hard my knuckles turned white. I have to get a lift with someone so ill go with Harry. Zayn, Perrie and Eleanor are going in Louis car, Liam and Dannielle are going with some random people and Ima have to go with Harry then. " hey Harry can I get a lift to the party, I'm getting Greg to drop my car off Tomorrow so it'll only be just this once" I pleaded. "Sure" he said. "That'll make it three of us then" he said with a cheeky grin. "Is Cara coming with you, umm us?" I asked excitedly. "Yeh, that's what we were just talking about" he said with a cheeky grin and he turned to Cara who was talking to Dannielle and Liam and smiled, She smiled back and a dimple popped. 

The drive to the party wasn't long, probably only 5 minutes. That's good cos if I need to just walk back I can. Me and Cara were in an engaging conversation about our childhood and I could feel Harry glaring at me. I'm not scared if him. He can go find any random slapper and hook up with her but he can't do that with her. Caras different, she's well Cara.

We got out of the car and we walked into the house with booming music coming from the windows. I thought my eardrums would burst!

We walked through the crowd and i saw people start to stare at Cara. I know she looks amazing but they don't need to do that! I grabbed her hand and took her through to the kitchen. "Thanks!" She sounded out of breath. "It's nothing" I smiled at her.

*1 hour later

Louis came up to us while we were talking "wanna play truth or dare?" He asked us like he was in a hurry "ok" Cara replied quickly and he dragged her off. I chased after them and sat next to her on the rounded table. I looked up and saw Harry on the other side of her. Why is he always there! Then the game started.

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