Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


39. Chapter 39

Niall's P.O.V

It has now been 2 weeks since Monisa and Cara got kidnapped. I haven't spoken much.

I'm just empty without Monisa.

She is my everything!

My world!

The reason that I smile!

The reason that I live!

The reason that I am still here......

The police are trying to track Takula's phone so when ever he calls or texts someone, then they can find him. But he probably has another phone because he hasn't used it since.... Well since Monisa.

Harry spends all his time singing his song, don't let me go. Sometimes I will sing with him, but it makes me so emotional. Everytime I sing it, all of the memories just flood back to me, all of those times me and Monisa just spent time together, but now I can't live without her. Monisa,I'm in love with you (and all your little things! Aha no hoe is gonna staph me from using puns *cough cough @NiallsHarryy*)

Louis phone rang. I just laid there in my bed. It was bad when Cara got kidnapped but now that it's Monisa too, it just tears me apart and nothing's fine I'm torn(I'm all out of faith and this is how I feel, cold and I'm ashamed lying broken on the floor! Ahah monmon)

"Ok thanks! Are you sure it's that one?! Ok we will be there in a little bit!" Louis exclaimed into the phone.

"Ok lads! The police know where the girls are......." Louis said in completing his sentence because Zayn interrupts him.

"Ok let's go then!!"

I had already shot off of the bed and got changed while Louis was trying to complete what he was saying.

All of the boys were talking which was getting on Louis nerves.

"OK! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BLOODY LISTEN!!" Lou said shouting at the top of his lungs.

Everyone fell silent.

"The police said that if they go and barge in, then the girls lives are In danger.... So we are going over the police station to find out a way of getting them out safely" he said and then took a deep breath

"But where are the girls?" I asked desperately

"237 London road, but we can't go there or the girls could get hurt or killed" he said

"Fine!" I huffed

*When they are at the police station
(The police and the boys were having a meeting about how they could get the girls back)

We had been sitting here for an hour! I don't even fucking know what they are saying!!

"I need some air" I said getting up out of my seat and heading towards the door.

"I'll go with him" Liam said standing up but Harry pulled him back down and spoke up for the first time in two weeks!!!

"I'll go!"

Liam nodded as he sat back down and Harry followed me to the car. We climbed in and we both knew what we were going to do.

"What's the address?" I said while putting the keys into ignition.....

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