Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


38. Chapter 38

David's P.O.V

I walked upto my apartment and as I was unlocking the door and my phone buzzed. I stepped in and reached my hand inside my pocket to take my phone out. It was a text from Logan!

*Hey Hun, What are you going to do tonight? xx*

I shut the door with the back of my foot and headed into the living room. I replied saying

*nothing much, what about you? x*

I took my supras off and placed them next to the sofa and then sat down. I shuffled a bit and then grabbed the tv remote. As I turned it on, Logan replied to my text.

*same :/ I was thinking we could have a movie night ? Just the two of us? What do you think?? xx*

I replied saying

*Of course! *

I got up and headed to my bedroom. I picked out a T-shirt and some grey jogging bottoms and slipped them on. I walked back into the living room and the doorbell rang. I walked over to open the door. When I opened Logan jumped in. I laughed.

"Your laugh is cute" he said with his blue orbs glistening. I giggled and he blushed.

"Than-"I was interrupted by Logan smashing his lips onto mine. After a few seconds of a sweet kiss, we pulled away. When he kisses me, I feel sparks and my whole body just tingles.

"So what movie are we watching?" He asked while walking into the living room. He hopped onto the sofa and pulled me next to him.

"Olympus has fallen, it's on Netflix" I said while reaching over to the coffee table to pick up the bowl of popcorn.

*towards the end of the movie

Logan fell asleep a little while ago. He looks so cute when he's sleeping! When the movie finished I got up to get a glass of water. I stumbled into the kitchen and gulped down the glass. I was really tired. I couldn't be bothered to go to my room so I walked over to the sofa and Logan's eyes shot open.

"Come here" he said sleepily with his arms wide open.

I obeyed and walked into his arms. The last thing I remember was his scent. We fell asleep in each others arms.... Aww I think I love him!

(Authors note)
-hey David aha! Tell me of you liked the update! :)


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