Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


36. Chapter 36

Liam's P.O.V

When we got back to the dorms we were hoping to find Monisa there but she wasn't! There was a DVD on the bed. Niall hopped onto the bed and put it in the tv. He grabbed the remote and pressed play. The screen was grey for a few seconds but then shortly after the video came on. IT WAS MONISA!! What?! I'm so confused. I looked around at the other boys and saw that they were equally as confused.

"Hey" Monisa said with sadness clear in her tone.

"I love you Niall, I always will and always have..... But I can't bare to see you guys like this....."
There was a long pause.

She took a deep breath and started speaking again.

"It's not fair on Cara either, she's pregnant and in a few months is going to be a mother, she doesn't deserve to go through the pain again. It was my fault that she got kidnapped in the first place so I should be the one that helps her. I owe it to her. Goodbye and I love you....."

Then the screen went black. We were all confused. Monisa's phone was on my dressing table. I reached for it and handed it to Niall with a sad look. He wiped some tears from his face and took the phone from my hands. He was shaking. He unlocked the phone and saw opened the text messages. He stared at the screen for about a minute and then broke down. I went to go comfort him but he pushed me away. I reached for the phone that Niall had dropped on the bed and picked it up. I read through Monisa's and Takulas conversation. WAIT WHAT?!?! WHY HAD THEY BEEN TALKING!

*ok Takula, please don't hurt Cara, she's pregnant and don't touch her!*-Monisa

*whats gonna stop me from doing whatever I want to her?!*-Takula

*just please don't hurt her! I will do anything but just don't touch her!*-Monisa

*ok, then lets make a deal*-Takula

*what kind of deal are you talking about?*-Monisa

*im saying that you and Cara trade places, ill hand her over if you come back to me*-Takula


*Ok, meet me at bluebell close at midnight*-Takula

*fine, but you have to make sure she gets back there safely!!*-Monisa

*Great!! Aha we will have a great time! If you tell anyone about this then you will regret it....*-Takula

I couldn't believe it! Monisa just went and handed herself into a psycho kidnapper who now has both of them hostage! She should've known that he wouldn't have let Cara go.....

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