Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


30. chapter 30

Niall's P.O.V

Monisa is such a great girlfriend. She's so beautiful and I'm always so happy when I'm around her. She makes me feel so good. She's really good in bed ;) aha and she's just perfect! I think I'm in love with her. Harry and Cara have been getting on really well! They haven't been going to any of the parties these past few months so they have been kinda boring without them. They have been living in their own house and sometimes one or two of us would go and stay around their house on the weekend so they don't get lonely. Cara and Harry have been missing a lot of days off because of her pregnancy. Aha they should call the baby Niall because that's an amazing name! I was kinda gutted when I found out that Monisa wasn't pregnant because I really wanted a son or a daughter to look after or have fun with and Monisa would make an excellent mother but it's not the right time for that yet. We all agreed to go to a bar today. We are dragging Harry and Cara along too. They don't have to drink if they don't want to but there's gonna be my friends band playing tonight so they have to come so we can support them.

Harry texted me asking which bar it is.

*the Craic's arms* I replied

*ok we will be there in 10* he texted me and I put my phone in my back pocket when I got out of the car and headed into the bar. I looked around to see where everyone was and I spotted them at the far right corner which had a perfect view if the stage. Monisa got a lift from Dannielle and Liam because they were studying together. I was at Greg's house so came straight from there.

I walked over to their table and took a seat across from Liam and next to Monisa. I put my arm on her shoulder and she cuddled me. We ordered our drinks, I got 3 pints of beer cos I'm a Irish lad who loves to drink aha. Monisa got a sex on the beach and when the drinks arrived Harry and Cara walked in. I'm so happy for them both! They are so cute together and aha I ship that shit! I don't even care that they are together because I have Monisa now, And Monisa is the love of my life. If Monisa wasn't here then I would have been really jealous because I had a tiny little crush on her when we first met but it's all cool now! Aha!

Harry and Cara just ordered some orange juice because Harry's driving and Cara can't drink because it with harm the baby. A few minutes later some guy in tattered jeans and a white V-neck stood on the stage. The tapped the microphone and started speaking.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming here today, now performing for you guys is a band called the hangover! Ok and enjoy!" And then he left the stage.

A few seconds later the band came onto the stage. It was my friend Logan's band(he is Logan Lerman)
He was the main singer and he played the acoustic guitar. There was only three other people in his band. Josh the drummer, David the keyboard player and Tom the bass player. They all had microphones so I guess they all can sing. I waved at Logan, to catch his attention and he smiled at us.

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