Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


3. Chapter 3

Nialls P.O.V

She's just so beautiful! I can't believe it! The way her eyes shine! They are a really cute mixture between green , blue and grey! Her hair falls down just above the bottom of her rib cage. Her hair is a chocolate brown with dip dyed ends. her hair is loosely curled making it look bouncyu.She has dimples too! She's just stunning! I wanna just grab her but we've only just met and she'd think I'm a creep. Ok Niall play it cool!
"You look really cute when your blushing" really Niall?! I couldn't help it anymore! I leant in to kiss her and she leant in too! I think she might like me back! I heard someone clear their throat! Man I hate this person! I turned around to see Harry smirking at me! Dick! "Hey, Niall you haven't introduced me to your little friend yet" he chuckled while his grin was getting bigger by the second. "Oh umm Harry this is Cara. Cara this is Harry" I could tell she was uncomfortable, so was I. 
"Hey Harry" she said to him with no emotion on her face. 

"I... I.. I'm need to go." She said grabbing her stuff
"No!" I sort of said a little bit too desperately. Fuck you Niall!
She looked at me confused and in the corner of my eye I saw Harry eyeing her down.
" wait ill take you to your dorm, and then I can show you around campus. If your okay with it?" She gave me a smile, her dimples popped and it make her look adorable.
"Yeh I would love that" she said and off we went leaving Harry standing there smirking at us as we walked up the hall.


Harry's P.O.V

I walked up the hall to go see where Niall was and I heard his voice, I quietly walked over to him and say he was with a girl. Woah! She's fit! I would fuck her in a heartbeat! My fantasising was interrupted by Niall saying something. I looked and the were leaning in to kiss each other but Im a dick so have to do this. I cleared my throat. They both looked up at me. I couldn't help it. Haha this was so funny! Niall's face when he saw that it was me that 'interrupted' them. I started smirking instead of laughing out loud. 

*2 minutes later

Niall and Cara, started walking up the hall to go to her dorm. Ha Niall's good at this! He's already going over to her room *wink wink*

Liam came a few minutes later and walked with me to our dorm. I'm sharing with Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn,the Same guys I shared with last year, they're alright and they're my friends but I wouldn't mind sharing with some girls *wink wink* I walked upto the mahogany door with a white plaque on it saying 113. I heard Nialls voice, he doesn't know where the room is so it means Claire no Carly no its Cathy ugh whatever her name is, room is around here ;) haha.
I unlocked the door and slowly walked in. I eyed every corner to see if it was good enough. It was actually quite nice. it's better than last years one. It's a lot bigger and has and en suite too. It had two mini 20" TVs. One on the left side of the room and another on the right. It also had another door!? I opened it to see what was inside and saw a kitchen, 3 sofas and a 42" flat screen tv on the wall. This must be why the dorm prices hit raised this year! Well it's definitely better than the shit hole we were in last year! I heard talking in the other room. Liam was putting his stuff away in the bedside draws and Niall was sprawled across a bed eating Doritos. Fucking hell he's always eating! 

*3 hours later 

I woke up and Saw Zayn and Louis come in and set their bags down on their beds. "Hey Lou!" I shouted as I approached Louis and gave him a big bear hug.

"Hey guys have you heard there's gonna be a big party at Darren's place?" Zayn informed us. "When?" I asked him. I don't feel like staying here all night! I wanna have some fun for a change.

Cara's P.O.V

Niall leant, his blue orbs Locked onto mine. My heart was pounding out of my chest! I leant in. Our faces just inches apart. Someone cleared their throat and I shot my head up in their direction to see who it was. There standing behind us was a tall guy. About 5ft something with skinny jeans.(haha you see what I did there!) His white vneck let the patterns of his tattoos show through. He had curly dark brown hair that was pushed up in a quiff. He had soft green eyes that were just as beautiful and Niall's. He started smirking and it made a dimple pop on his left cheek! He was gorgeous! Ugh what am I thinking! I don't like any of them. I'm just here learn. No boys! No boys! No boys! I started to feel uncomfortable. I felt my cheeks flush before hanging my head down in shame. 

*5 minutes later

"So I'll see you later." Niall when we got to my dorm. "Yeh, see ya!" I said as I stepped into the room but keeping my eyes locked on his. He turned on his heel and started to walk away. "Niall!" I shouted. He quickly turned around looking at me like a lost puppy. Awww he's so cute! "Umm thanks for dropping me off" 
"No problem, love" he said with a smile and then he continued walking up the hall. I closed the door behind me. I sighed and turned around. "Hey! You must be the new girl! I'm Dannielle!" A gorgeous girl with mid length curly hair said with her hazel eyes gleaming. "Umm yeh I'm Cara, it's nice to meet you." I replied uncomfortably and she smiled. Wow she's really pretty. Her clothes are gorgeous too. She's wearing black hot pant with gold studs on the back pockets, her baggy black and gold 
T-shirt just slips off her shoulders. Her cat eye eyeliner and hot pink lipstick makes her look like a model! I set my bags on a bed and sat next to them. An ash blonde girl with big blue eyes walked out of the bathroom and smiled at me. "Hello, I'm Perrie" she said before going over to where Dannielle was standing. "Cara" I smiled back at her.


Perries P.O.V

We got back to our dorm and I phoned Zayn. "Hey babe" he said through the speaker. I just love him so much! He's just so sweet. He's really good looking and cares about me. He's the perfect boyfriend. 

"Hey, we just got back from the shopping centre. I just wanted to tell you that we are all gonna get ready now" I said smiling. I can't help it! He's just amazing. His voice makes goosebumps appear all over my body. 
"That's great! I might come round later before the Louis and Liam come to pick up the other girls" he said with sexy raspy voice. "Alright, I'll see you later then!" I exclaimed.
"I love you Perrie"
"I love you Zayn"
I disconnected the call and threw my iPhone on my bed. 
"Okay girls, should we start getting ready now?" Eleanor announced as she took out a cute purple dress from her suitcase that was resting on the floor. 

*20 minutes later

I got out of the shower and put on a black strapless bra and black laces pants, put a bath robe on and walked out of the bathroom. I blow dried my hair and crimped it. I grabbed my black dress and slipped it on. I adjusted the front and grabbed my makeup bag. 

*15 minutes later

We were all ready now. A knock came from the door and I went to go open it. It was Zayn! He pulled me into a tight hug. I felt all warm and fuzzy. "Babe you look stunning!" He said with a smile tugging at the corner if his mouth. He pressed his soft lips into mine and smiled when we pulled away. I giggled when u saw him. "Hahahhaa!" I laughed.
"What!?" He said with a confused look on his beautiful face. Dannielle walked past and giggled. "Nice lipstick Zayn! It really brings out your eyes" Eleanor said with a smirk in her face. He wiped his mouth with the back if his hand and saw the fluorescent red lipstick on his tan skin. We all burst out laughing. Cara cleared her throat and we all turned to her. She looks amazing! "How do I look?" She said nervously. 
I looked at the door and Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam were there too. All of their mouths fell open. " ca...Cara you l...look amazing!" Niall said with his voice cracking half the way through. Her eyes are so beautiful, her hair is just perfect, it was just curled at the tips and she doesn't even need any makeup! She's so gorgeous! "Thanks"
Cara replied to Niall while blushing. She straightened the bottom of her dress and then Eleanor whacked Louis chest and said "Lou stop it! You guys are making her uncomfortable!" 

She grabbed her purse and phone and we headed out of the door.

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