Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


27. chapter 27

Niall's P.O.V

It's was such a long day and I just couldn't be bothered to go to a restaurant. I.... I wanted to feel Monisa... Again! Aha I'm so Horny you don't even understand! Dry humping against the wall just isn't the same. When everyone left I pushed Monisa against the wall and started to kiss her neck. Then I began sucking it. I was getting harder by the minute. All of the blood was flowing to Darren(Niall's dick) I couldn't help it. I tore Monisa's clothes off and ripped mine off too.

She just laughed at my expanding boxers. She played the the waist line of them and really slowly started to pull them down to tease me. Uggh why does she have to do this!!! While she did that I tried to take off her bra and panties but she stopped me and mouthed wait.Aaarrggghh why is she doing this to me!

After 7 minutes of her slowly pulling down my boxers she finally got it down to my V-Line! Ugggh I pulled them down and she looked at me and laughed. I laid her down on the bed and unclasped her bra. I slid it off her silky arms and then ran my fingers along the bottom of her panties.

"Woah your so wet for me!" I whispered seductively in her ear. I tugged at them and pulled them down. Our bare crotches rubbed against each other and I felt my self harden even more. I pulled her by her legs to the edge of her bed so her legs were dangling. I slid a finger inside and curled them. She let out a loud moan. Oh I love it when she moans. I pulled my finger out of her and sucked it.

"Why did you stop?" She asked me.

"I want you to want me!" I said

"I want you" she said impatiently.

"Not good enough" I teased her.

"I WANT YOU NIALL!!" She screamed

"That's better" I said before I shoved two fingers in her and started to thrust in her. I curled them both but in different directions and she let out an inhumane moan. I laughed to myself. I took my digits out of her and licked them. I brought them up to her mouth and said.

"Taste yourself"

She hesitated at first but grabbed my hand and started to suck. She sucked harder and harder! OH FUCK!! She pulled away after a few minutes. I brought my head back down and Licked her moistened lower region. I curled my tongue inside of her and we Both moaned.

I sucked and sucked until she let out a moan that could be heard miles away. Aha! I got up to grab a condom but she stopped me.

"Let me pleasure you" she whispered.

She got up and came over to where I was standing. She slowly and seductivley slid down. She wrapped her hands around my length and gave me a hand job. My eyes rolled back and so did my head. She poked my leg to get my attention.

"You have to watch me" she said.

Then without a warning she took my length into her mouth. She sucked hard. She moved her tongue around my wet cock. OH FUCK!!!!

She gripped my thighs tighter to keep her balanced. My hands grabbed her the back of her head and pushed her face in deeper. Darren was going down her throat! I tripped and fell onto the bed but she was still attached to me. She was crouching over the side of the bed and she sucked so hard I couldn't hold it in any longer. I sighed in relief when I cummed in her mouth. After a few more minutes she took me out of her. She licked up the remaining cum on my cock and kissed my neck. She sucked at my collar bone which made me moan really loud.

I got up and grabbed a condom. I ripped it out of the packet and slid it on. I pushed her down onto the bed and laid on top of her. I started to grind my crotch onto her which made me so hard you don't even understand. I kissed her neck as I entered her. She let out a quiet moan.


"Your-so-tight-baby" I said between thrusts. The thrusts started off slow but I gradually gained speed. I flipped her over so she was on top. She ground her hips into mine while she did slow painful thrusts! Oooh this is killing meh!! I flipped her over and thrusted harder and then spilt myself in the condom. I pulled out of her and tried to catch my breath. As that was the best sex I've ever had!

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