Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


25. chapter 25

Louis P.O.V

We pulled up in the driveway of the frat house and climbed out of the cars and walked up to the front door. The door was wide open and there was ear-bursting music blaring out from every window. There was flashing lights everywhere as we made our way to through the crowd of people. We finally made our way to the kitchen. Someone handed me a red cup full of I think it was whiskey. I drank it up and felt the liquid burn as it slid down my throat. I took Eleanor's hand and we headed to the Living room. The others were already In a circle on the floor and were ready to play truth or dare. I stumbled over and took a seat in between Niall and Eleanor. Liam spun the bottle and it landed on Monisa.

"Ok, truth or dare?" I screamed in her face causing her to flinch.

We all burst out laughing.

"DARE!!" She screamed back in my face which made me jump.

"Ok I dare you to go upstairs with Niall and let him do whatever he wants to you!" I shouted over the booming music.

She smirked at me and said "OK!" And dragged Niall off.

After loads of OTT dares and really funny truths we finally decided to call it a day and we all split up to do what ever we wanted. Eleanor ran into one of her old friends so she's gonna be with her for the whole of the night.

I went to the kitchen and saw Niall and Monisa having dry sex against the wall. I ignored them and walked over to the counter and picked up a red cup. It looked like it had Some beer in it. I gulped down four cups and after that I couldn't see straight.

I felt lightheaded and needed some air so I stumbled out of the kitchen and headed out into the garden. I was getting really sleepy. I felt really sick. I ran to the bin in the back yard and started chucking up. I just kept on puking until I blacked out.

*In the morning

I got up and had a splitting headache. I checked what the time was on my phone. It was 10:37AM.

I stumbled into the living room to find Niall and Monisa sleeping on the couch together. Their legs were intertwined and Niall's arms were locked around her waist. Aww they look so cute. I walked into the kitchen and took some painkillers and called Eleanor.

She picked up after the second ring.

"Hey" she said with a tired and raspy voice.

"Hey babe, where are you?" I asked sounding even more tired.

"In the room on the left" she groaned

I walked out of the kitchen and headed to the first room on the left. I opened the door and saw Eleanor. She ended the call and put her phone in her purse and came over to me to give me a hug. I hugged her back and looked around the room. I could see Liam, perrie,Dannielle and Zayn waking up and climbing out of corners with messed up hair. I burst out laughing when I saw them.

"Ha! Ha! So funny! Now go get Niall and Monisa so we can go" Zayn said sarcastically.

*20 minutes later

We were outside of 113 and I put the key in and slowly turned. I opened the door and saw Harry.... And Cara! They were sleeping together on his bed. Awwww they look so cute together!

Harry's eyes shot open and he smiled when he saw us making his dimples pop.

"Morning" he said with his raspy voice.

Everyone replied with hey's and hi's.

Cara woke up a few seconds later. She had a different look in her eye. It was the look the old Cara had.

She shot up off the bed and hugged me.

"I'm back!" She exclaimed.

Niall and Monisa looked very shocked.

"Woah! Babes is it really you?! Do you remember everything?!" Monisa shouted

We all hugged her and we were talking until 8PM! We ordered pizza and all ate it and then We then decided to watch a movie. It was Niall's turn to decide and he chose paranormal activity 2. Great choice bro! I love that film! Each couple took a bed each. NO NOT IN THAT WAY! Aha! Niall put the DVD in he VCR and pressed play before climbing back under the covers with Monisa. Aww they look cute together. We were 20 minutes into the film and Eleanor fell asleep on my chest. Aww she's so cute! Monisa fell asleep a little while later. Dannielle stayed awake for about another ten minutes but then dozed off. Perrie got really scared and Zayn started to cuddle her. Aww that's cute! They both fell asleep in each others arms. Cara got a little scared and Harry noticed it. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close and hugged her. He whispered something and she smiled while rubbing her belly. Oh I almost forgot that she was pregnant! I want it to be a boy and so she can call it Louis! Yeh that's a great name! Not Lewissss it's leewwwwiiiiii! Aha!

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