Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


20. chapter 20

Monisa's P.O.V

It was so embarrassing when Louis, Liam and Zayn walked in on me and Niall 3 weeks ago.I have been avoiding them this whole time. I have been mainly calling Niall on the phone but I haven't been seeing him much because his friends are there with him.

There was a party today. We all have to go. I didn't want to because I've even feeling quite sick lately but Dannielle said I have to go. I walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out a little black dress(just walked into the room-aahhaahahahahhaha)

I slipped it on after I got out of the shower and began doing my hair. I decided to leave it straight today. I just backcombed it abit and picked out a pair of shoes. I decided to go with suede black stilettos. I walked into the bathroom where Cara was and she passed me her makeup bag before she went to go do her hair. Her hot pink ruffled dress just sat below the top of her thighs. It was strapless and the chest had silver rhinestones all over it. She looks beautiful.

I swiped the abnormal shaped mascara brush along my long silky lashes, instantly making my eyelashes look volumised. I carefully lined my eyes with a max factor eyeliner and packed away the makeup before putting it on Caras desk. I rummaged through my purse and dug out my lipgloss. I quickly put it on and slowly walked over to the full body mirror. I looked good! My phone buzzed and i picked it up. It was a text from Niall!

*hey babe, are you ready? x* he texted me

*yeh, are you?* I replied.

*im coming to go take you there love, Harry and Cara are coming with us too. See ya later x* he messaged me. I put my phone in my purse and headed towards the mirror where Cara was now standing.

"Ready to go?" I asked her excitedly

"Yup!" She replied just as there was a knock at the door.

The boys stood there as the girls took their other halfs hand and headed out of the door. Niall, Cara, Harry and me were left in the room. Then at that moment me AND Cara got sick and we both ran to the bathroom to started to vomit. I bagsied the bin and she had the toilet seat. I felt a warm hand rubbing circles in my back. Niall held my hair back. I looked over at Cara and Harry was doing the same. Then it hit me!

"Niall.....i think...Im... Preg....pregnant" I stammered as I tried to control my gut and stop my stomach throwing the food back up my throat.

I haven't been on my period! Me and Niall had sex three weeks ago, so I'm 6 weeks late! That never happens!!! Niall didn't use a condom!!

I burst out crying and Niall pulled me into a big warm hug.

"I think I'm pregnant too Harry, you didn't use a condom" Cara said weakly.

I don't want to be a mum! Well not yet I don't!! Wait what! Cara and Harry have had sex!!! Why didn't she tell me! Well I don't blame her, I didn't tell her either....

I'm going to be a mum.........

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