Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


2. Chapter 2

*3 weeks after Cara's and Rebecca's argument*

Cara's P.O.V

I still haven't heard from Rebecca since the argument. I'm really nervous. Im going to start my first day at university today. I take my suitcases and head down the stairs. Man this is heavy! "You need any help their, love?" My dad asked with his sapphire eyes gleaming. I love my dad! I've always been a daddy's girl. He's always been there for me. The thought of not being able to see him as much as I hoped to just pains me so much. When I reached the bottom of the stairs my dad pulled me into a bear hug and held me close to his chest. " now don't cry Cara, if you ever need to talk you can just phone me, love. Okay?" His thumb brushed against my cheek and wiped away a tear that I didn't even know was there. I'm really going to miss him. "I love you" I said while pulling my bag over my shoulder and heading towards the kitchen to say goodbye to my mum. Before I got in, was pulled into a tight hug. I looked up to see my beautiful mum with mascara smudged under her eyes. "It's ok mum, I will always be your baby." I said with my voice breaking half the way through. "I love you sweetheart" she said leading me to my car. My dad was just closing the boot. "Thanks" I smiled at my dad before hugging them both tightly and stepping into my car. I shuffled around abit before settling down and buckling my seatbelt. I waved them off, took a deep breath and drove off down the road. The sun started to rise and after what felt like driving for hours I reached my first petrol station, I filled up car and then headed off to go pay. When I got to the Counter I picked up a pack of wrigleys chewing gum and placed it on the counter. I climbed back into my silver Audi and checked the time before I put my keys back into the ignition. 6:03am ugh I had only been driving for an hour and a half. Well Im almost there. Put three my new phone onto the passenger seat and drove off.

Harry's P.O.V

Beep!Beep!Beep! My alarm on my phone started going off at 7. I stumbled out if bed and headed for the bathroom. I turned the shower on before got my clothes out for my first day back at uni. I grabbed a white vneck shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans out of my colourful wardrobe. (Note sarcasm) and threw the rest in to my suite case. I basically just threw everything into it. I walked into the bathroom and stripped down to my birthday suit before hoping into the shower. The hot water against my back was just amazing. 

*20 minutes later

I heard a knock at the door. It was Niall and Liam. Liam hasn't got his drivers license yet and Niall, well I think he's drunk, again. I grabbed my suitcases, dumped them in the boot and they copied my actions. We all got in the car and drive off. One of my chocolate curls fell into my face and I swept it away with my left hand, only to have it fall back into my face instantly. "How are you?" Niall Said awkwardly with his thick Irish accent making me burst out laughing. So did Liam. 

After 30 minutes of talking about football, girls and food,Liam brought up the subject of school. "So are you looking forward to your new classes?" He asked.
"No, I fucking hate school!" I said firmly trying to get him to understand that I don't want to talk about it. 
"So did you see the game?" Liam asked trying to change the subject.
"Yeh the Derby game?" I replied calming down a little.
Niall started humming 'talk dirty' by Jason Derulo.
"Talk Derby to meeee!" He shouted before we all burst out laughing as I pulled into the uni's car park.

Cara's P.O.V

I finally got to the university. It looked so big. I was really nervous, I wish I didn't have to do this alone, but I do so stop thinking about it cara and just go!

I Stepped out of my car when I reached the car park. There were only a few cars here so I knew I was early. I felt the cold hard wind hit me as i stood outside in only a T-shirt and skinny jeans. I pulled my suitcases behind me as I walked towards the entrance. I looked down at my feet when i saw some boys eyeing me down and wolf whistling. "Hello. Name please?" A short old woman with kind blue eyes asked me when I approached the reception. "Umm Cara... Cara Stevens" I stammered. "Yes welcome to the university of Cheshire, Cara. Your room is in the east wing, room 103, and here is your schedule and all the things you will need" she said while smiling at me kindly and then handing me my dorm key. " thank you" I replied and walked off down the corridor. 

I turned the corner and set my suitcases down beside me. I got my handbag of my shoulder and started rummaging through it to find my phone. I found it and the next thing I know is I'm on the floor. I looked up and saw a cute boy standing above me. He have blonde hair styled up in a quiff and beautiful blue orbs. He smiled at me before giving me his hand He's so sweet and such a gentleman! "I'm so sorry ,love" he said with an Irish accent As he helped me up. I smiled back at him.
"It's ok" I replied. Omg he's sooo gorgeous!!!
"I'm Niall by the way"he said with his crisp accent making me swoon on the inside.
"Umm I'm Cara, it nice to meet you" I said with a smile tugging at my lips.
"Umm is this your first year, you know here at UC?" Omg he's so cute!
"Yes" I replied. I can't believe how gorgeous he is!
"Well umm here's my number if you ever want to talk or hang out, you know, and I can um, like show you around" he said while writing numbers of a post it note and handing it to me.
"Yeh that would be great" I said abit too enthusiastically.
I bent down and picked up all of my things off the floor and Niall helped me put them back in my handbag. Then I just realised! I was on my period! I had tampons in my bag! I quickly eyed the floor to see if they were there, but they weren't. it was too late! I looked up and saw Niall had them in his hand and then he realised what they were! His cheeks flushed as he handed them to me. I could feel my face heating up. I knew I was really red! "You look cute when your blushing" Niall said while staring into my eyes. He leant in and.........

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