Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


18. chapter 18

Monisa's P.O.V

The rest of the boys haven't been around lately. Zayn had a family issue and Perrie went with him. Louis Is at his cousins wedding in france and he took Eleanor as a guest. And a dancing company has asked Danielle to go see her and Liam went with her. So it's just me Niall, Cara and Harry.

When we parked the car in the car park, Harry scooped up Cara and sprinted off with her. Wow that boy is eager ;) hehe! Niall grabbed my hand and we walked together to 113. We saw Harry and Cara go in 103 so we decided not to disturb them ;)

When we got in I closed the door and Niall sat on the sofa.

"Lets watch a movie babe" he said with his thick Irish accent making me swoon! Wow I love him. He signalled for me to sit on his lap and I took off my supras and walked towards him. I sat on his lap.

I started to fidget and move. I didn't know what I was doing until I felt something hard dig into my back. Wow I'm making him hard! Haha!

Because I'm real bitch I had to tease him abit more by grinding my arse onto his crotch. He let out loud moans and groans.


"I can't take it anymore! He picked me up and placed me on the bed, he pulled my trousers down and he then slipped off my shirt. I was just laying there in my lace lingerie and I saw his eyes widen. He unclasped my bra and started to suck my neck.

I moaned as he bit the sweet spot on my collar bone. He took his shirt off and revealed his sexy toned body. He ran his fingers along my panties and seductively whispered

"I love how your all wet for me baby"

Before I knew it he ripped off my pants and ran his fingers along my now very moist lower region.

He slid in two fingers and started pumping In and out. I let out very loud moans! He pulled his fingers out and sucked on them. I couldn't take it anymore! I cummed all over the sheets! He smirked as he licked it all up. Man he looks sexy! Then started licking my clit. Oh he looks so sexy! His tongue was circling inside of me. I had an orgasm.


He got up and removed his trousers leaving him in his very tight boxers. I could see his bulge expand as he stared at me. He licked his lips and laid ontop of me. He kissed me passionately as he grinded on my wet crotch at the same time.

I pulled him up and we both stood up in the floor. I slipped my hands in his boxers quickly grabbing his length in my hands. I gave him a quick hand job and then disposed of the boxers.

"NIALL! GET IN MEH" I screamed and he laid me on the bed.

He entered me. I rolled my eyes back and and started screaming


He started to thrust harder and deeper and then........

The door opened......

There stood wide eyed Louis, Liam and Zayn......

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