Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


11. Chapter 11

Niall's P.O.V


Cara came storming out if the bathroom. Her eyes were glossy and full of hate. She ran out if the dorm and sprinted down the hall. I eventually caught up with her. I turned around to see Harry chasing after her too! HARRY YOU DICK! He knows she's different from all of the other sluts he dated in the past couple of fucking years! Why does he always have to hurt anything that comes close! 



*after Caras and Harry's argument in the hall



When she came inside she slammed the door behind her then just broke down. She cried herself to sleep. She wouldn't listen to me or let me comfort her. She just zoned out and cried.



I stormed out of the room to got see where Harry was so I can get some fucking answers out of this wanker. I stepped of the door and marched towards our dorm.


I saw him laying face down on the bed and he looked up excitedly but when he saw me his face dropped. It hurt me to see him like this but it hurt more to see Cara like that, she's always so bubbly and happy but now she's just really upset.



"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!" I screamed at him.



"I.... I'm sorry..... Can you tell her that" he mumbled quietly.



Tears started to stream down his face at a faster pace. 



"WHAT DID YOU DO?!?" I was basically ordering him to tell me.



"Emma..... I cheated on her with Emma........" He as said with guilt written all over his face.



I was disgusted by him. Emma! That slut! I fucking hated her before but now i bloody despise her!!! EMMA YOU STUPID CUNT!!!



"How did she find out?" I asked him more calmly but on the inside I wanted to start smashing everything up, including Harry's face. But I kept my anger inside.



"I....I moaned her name when Cara gave me a blow job" he said.



I don't know what happened after that! All I saw was my fist collide with his jaw, making him fall onto the floor.



"I'm sorry, I deserved it, I need to go talk to her" he said as he wiped the blood from his chin and headed towards the door. I stopped him.



"Do you want what's best for her?" I asked him making him stop In his tracks. He turned his bloodshot eyes to look into mine.



"Of course I do! I..... I'm in love with her" he said coming towards me.



And then what I said shocked me.


"Then listen to me then you dick! If you want what's best for her then you won't ever talk to her so you can't hurt her anymore. You've just torn her apart!!!" I screamed at him.



"Tell her I love her"he pleaded for my answer. 



I nodded and walked back to 103 and I closed the door behind me, leaving Harry alone.



As I was walking up to the door, cara opened it, I saw the sadness and rage in her beautiful grey eyes when she saw Harry walking behind me. I gave him a glare but he ignored me and carried on walking. He walked past the dorm without saying a word. 



She looked very tense. I went in and pulled Cara into hug. She relaxed when I wrapped my arms around her. 



"It's ok love, your little leprechaun is here to comfort you" I whispered in her ear and we pulled away. 



"I'm going out" she said quietly and headed towards the bathroom to get changed.



When she closed the door, Monisa came up to me and said 

"Babe, what'd he do?"


I explained what happened and her face fell. Her eyes became glossy.



"After everything she has been through, he goes and does something like that! I wanna fucking kill him!!!!" She screamed before grabbing a pillow and throwing it across the room.



Cara walked out of the bathroom wearing a purple hoodie and black jeans. She quickly slipped on some socks, put on her trainers, grabbed her bag and headed out without saying a word. 



*2 hours later



Cara still hasn't come back yet and me and Monisa is still with me. I lifted her head up to face me, I looked in her caramel eyes and leant in to kiss Her plump lips. A few moments later the kiss started to get pretty steamy.


I bit her bottom lip and she moaned in my mouth. She tugged at my shirt and I quickly ripped it from my body. I ripped her clothes off and we stood there half naked in front of each other. 


She slowly took my belt off and slid my chinos down my leg. I picked her up bridal style and dropped her on the bed. She tore my boxers from my body and I tore her lingerie from hers.


I Climbed ontop of her and entered her. She let out loud moan.





I couldn't take it anymore and spilled myself inside her and as I did it we both let out a loud groan. 


*30 mins later


I pulled out and lay on the bed beside her. I was so out of breath. So was she. I pulled her into a long sweet kiss and she smiled on my lips.


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