Triple Dog Dare

Makenna's birthday Party is coming up soon, and every year there is a game. This year is Triple Dog Dare gone extreme. The rules are you must do the dare, and if you refuse we shave your head. Will the game spread rumors, secrets, pictures? Will it change there life as they know it?


4. Videos and Violence

I sat in my room looking at all of the bright faces, wondering when i would go, and what my dare would be. I got anxious when i heard Mah... Kennah.. I screamed inside my head, and thought to myself to stay positive. You had the idea to play this game after Denice said it. Outside of my head i said Great! and just laughed and laughed. She said, you have to.. Then Brodey left the room. She had the perfect timing to give me my dare. You have to makeout with Brian Lenord. The most popular guy in school. I freezed, knowing I have liked him ever sense me and Brodey s short term break up. I took a deep breath and said I'm ready. She said lets go. We hopped in the car. Not knowing Brodey drove behind us. Oh yeah I forgot about that party! Brian had to be there. We all got out once we got there. Denice searched the place and finally came across Brian. Savannah ditched us, to go with a guy with whiskey. I walked in and unbuttoned his shirt slowly, he starts to say Make... and i say shhh... very slowly and continue to unbutton his shirt. I start kissing his abs which felt good to break the rules for once. I then took off his shirt and he pushes me away, i look at him soo embarressed. He says Look Makenna your a great girl and everything, but i have a thing for... Denice. My eyes got wide and watery and i ran out of the room bursting into tears, as i passed Savannah, high as a mountain peak, talking loopy as she turns over and pukes, then laughs then starts kissing the guy who got her into it. I turn away and go into a private room and lay on the bed and sobb, until i feel dehydrated and stop. As soon as i stop Denice walks in, and says Hey! Dont worry about him, you have a boyfriend. It's not that Denice! He likes you! and i just embaressed myself infront of the most popular guy in school! Do you not get me at all!!! I slapped her in the arm then kicked her leg. I ran out. I sat on a swing and waited until i felt better. I then got Denice and we headed for a place to continue the game. We sat on the ground and discussed who would go next when my phone goes off, then again i read the first one it is a picture of Jazmine sitting in the closet. I show everyone. Then i get another i look and its a video. Hmm... I got a video! Brodey gets up and goes inside.I am gonna go get some.. uhh.. punch.. ya. I then look at my phone it sends me to both a youtube and facebook link. I say umm... then watch the first few seconds, then say...... No! No! No! and burst into tears once again. I had just witnessed me embarressing myself infront of not only Brian, but the whole world.
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