Triple Dog Dare

Makenna's birthday Party is coming up soon, and every year there is a game. This year is Triple Dog Dare gone extreme. The rules are you must do the dare, and if you refuse we shave your head. Will the game spread rumors, secrets, pictures? Will it change there life as they know it?


8. Stripping Savannah

( Continued from chapter 7 )

Pop! Out comes Savannah and the new friend she just may, from exchanging drinks. "Ha-ha weee scccared you!" They both laugh as we just angrily wipe the sweat off of our foreheads. We get over it fast, because we are in trouble. Our car is low on gas, and theres not a gas station for miles. They tell us to hop in the car, so we do. They tow the car from behind just to a gas station to refill. Then we get back in my car, hoping to forget the scares we just recieved. We head on to the side of the road to continue the game, and Savannah joins in again. Okay Girls, now we have four people, who does what. Savannah looks up to remind us she hasn't dared or been dared. Okay Savannah, dare or be dared. She looks up and grins, be dared. So Denice grins and says i'll dare you. Savannah says great in anger voice. Denice says, well I dare you too.. the stops and smiles, a very deep and edgy smile, even i was afraid for Savannah. take off all of your clothes and run down three blocks. She looks up, and says I could be arrested, but denice says, Do you wanna go to jail bald? She angrily gets up and strips completely and says three blocks? and Denice happily nodds. She runs down two blocks when she sees a couple of boys from our school, they quickly take out there phones ad snap picks over and over again, and tell her to forget her popularity, cause its over. Then she starts to cry lite tears as she finishes the third block. Then we catch up with her, and put her in the car where she dresses and angirly stares at Denice. I felt really bad, about the whole posting thing so i slow down and head to the boys, and i said Guys you must be seeing things if you think Savannah was running down the street naked, then i sarcastically laugh and say can i see your phones, all of them i will give them back, i hand them to Denice and i hop in the driver's seat and she throws them right behind my left wheel, i hit reverse and run over them puppies. Denice gets out, picks up the phones and says here boys then drops them on the ground and stomps on them, then hops back in. We drive off and decide to take a break for a while, and head back to the party. We all sit down and forget all the problems we faced tonight, which clears my mind and opens up new things. Did Denice push her off the bridge?

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