Triple Dog Dare

Makenna's birthday Party is coming up soon, and every year there is a game. This year is Triple Dog Dare gone extreme. The rules are you must do the dare, and if you refuse we shave your head. Will the game spread rumors, secrets, pictures? Will it change there life as they know it?


9. Situations and Sadness

As we enjoy the rest of the night, i think about Denice and Bailey Kennels. The rumor is that Denice killed her, by pushing her off the bridge, but I don't think Denice could kill someone, but again I haven't known her long enough, to actually know know her. I just sit there not talking, and Denice and the other girls wonder if i'm okay, if somethings wrong, or if i'm tired, I tell them i'm perfectly fine, they continue on with there night, leaving me questioning Denice. As we park at the High School Party, the girls and i head in, the pain of believing my best friend killed someone pounds in my head after every moment of thinking about, after about five minutes, my body takes over, it can't anymore pain, and without realising until after I say, Denice! Did you push Bailey Kennels off the bridge?! Everyone is silent and the Dj stops the music. Denice slowly turns around and says .......No. I didn't push her off the bridge! I don't know why people are involving me in this mess, I didn't do ANYTHING! I answer then why does this rumor keep going around? And if it's not true then why is she dead? Huh! Why is she!? Denice doesn't answer, she just runs out of the room and goes into one of the bedrooms. A shy girl, came up to me. I notice she has little hair, and I wonder why. I know what happened, she says loudly so everyone can hear. Denice was involved with the death of Bailey Kennels, I start to say Ah ha as the girl inturrupts me and continues her story. One night Denice, Bailey, some other friends and I went out to the bridge where Bailey died, before she did die that is,... and we were playing a game called Triple Dog Dare, the extreme version. When i hear those three words my heart sinks and i think, Triple..Dog..Dare?! She continues on and says, I was up and I was given the dare to jump off the bridge, yes thats right she tells the crowd and I, but..i said no, rules are if you don't do the dare you get your head shaved, so my head was shaved. Then Bailey said you do it, Denice, but Denice said If your not scared you do it! Bailey looked at the water then at the bridge,and said Fine. She walks up the bridge to the middle where the highest point is and looks down, Denice says you gonna do it or are you too....chicken?! Everyone not including me shouts Chicken Chicken Chicken, she got so fired up she jumped, right off the top of the bridge. The water was so deep that once she hit the current she couldn't escape, we ran down to the bottom where the water was, and we shouted her name, Bailey! Bailey! Bailey! we all shouted, but there was no answer. I called the cops to get help, I was as scared as Bailey was Right as the cops showed up, out of the water came a shoe, a shoe that belonged to Bailey, she was wearing it that night, which was the scariest part for us all. The cops issued us to go home, so they could investigate, they called Bailey's parents to notify them of what had happen, because as we all know she drowned. Imagine how horrible Denice must have felt, she hid herself for months and finally came back this year, and started over, even her name, her style, her personality, everything. She used to go by Jackie, but she goes by her middle name now, which is Denice. She was devistated and still is, we talk sometimes, but rarely, just to keep everything a secret, but obviously it's not anymore. When the victim of the shaving is done talking I run in the bedroom and close the door, and see Denice crying, something I never thought I would see, tears of shame, I felt horrible. Denice I didn't know, she wipes her tears and says Well you didn't need to know it was my business, not yours. Well Denice, I just wanted to.... Save it! She inturrupts. I continue well, Denice now we know that it's not true that you pushed her, I believe everything she said. Well, Makenna others don't and.......... Denice says without finishing, which leaves me hanging and wondering about her future, and mine. She gets up and runs outside through the crowd and runs as fast as she can to a place thats a mystery to me, I just follow her, and make sure she is okay. As she stops, I say Denice where are you going?


Find out by reading the next chapter!!!

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