Triple Dog Dare

Makenna's birthday Party is coming up soon, and every year there is a game. This year is Triple Dog Dare gone extreme. The rules are you must do the dare, and if you refuse we shave your head. Will the game spread rumors, secrets, pictures? Will it change there life as they know it?


7. Scares and Stalkers

We drive away without looking back, laughing and making fun of Kennedy and the scene she just made with the principal. I giggle and turn on the radio and listen to the first station that pops on, which is heavy metel, so Denice rocks out like normal and Kennedy and I mimic her by bouncing our heads up and down. As we enter a dark forest we turn the radio off as i notice the gas is low. I tell the girls, they tell me to keep driving. About 5 minutes into the ride we notice we haven't left the forest, and we don't see and exit, so we stop and sit there for a moment then we decide to exit the car and walk around a little. We start walking and notice flashing lights ahead. I get scared, but Denice is very brave and heads toward it. We soon hear a loud owl hoot fill up the forest, we wipe the sweat off our nervous heads and continue.As we get about 100 feet away from the lights we hear noises, the sounds of cracking leaves and light whispering. We stop on my quiet request, then continue after a few moments, we hear a loud scream thats deadly sounding thats scares the socks of my goosebump covered feet. I keep going as i shake and tremble with fear in what is out there. Out of now where i get a *Blocked Number* call, i suspect nothing and answer. *You are quite beautiful in the dark especially from the back of your head ;)* I slowly take the phone down from my ear as we hear the bush behind us shake very slow to a very fast pace. Denice and Kennedy's eyes are very wide, and locked on the target, mine are at Denice and Kennedy. We hear the noises once more, and i slowly turn around and back up and get closer to my friends and we clunch up in a ball holding eachother tight thinking this will be the last night we see eachother or anyone else. The sound alarms one more time then........




Stay tuned for the next chapter to find out what happens next!!

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