Triple Dog Dare

Makenna's birthday Party is coming up soon, and every year there is a game. This year is Triple Dog Dare gone extreme. The rules are you must do the dare, and if you refuse we shave your head. Will the game spread rumors, secrets, pictures? Will it change there life as they know it?


3. Closets and Crushes

"Okay." Denice says trying to start a conversation. "We need to go over the rules one more time, Okay?" Everyone nodds. She states how the birthday girl goes first she gives a dare to anyone she wants. You can give as intense of a dare you want, and after the birthday girl goes she decides everyones pick on who they have to dare. My favorite part of the rules if you don't agree on doing the dare you must get your full head shaved off, completely. We all nodd and say how scared we are, but agree anyways. "Okay Birthday girl.... you ready?" I nodd and say " I'm ready to choose." The room gets really silent and everyone stares at me, waiting for me to choose. "..................................... Jasmine." i quietly say. Jasmine starts to tear up but quickly gets over it and says "What is it?" I think to myself, It is my birthday no one will be that mad at me if i give them a crazy dare, plus who wants there head shaved? I quickly say " My brother and his friends are in his room." She says " Okay.. so?" i smile and repeat " My brother and his friends are in his room....... you have to lock yourself in his closet for two hours." Jasmine says "Easy, You know i have a crush on him!" Then she is quickly interrupted by Denice."Wow, girl what if she leaves? I know you have to send us a picture every ten minutes until 12 o' clock. She walks in the boys room and says " I am going in your closet." The guy looks at her and says " Dude, what are you doing?" She repeats " I am going in your closet." He stares at her for a second and then says "Why should i let you in there?" She argues then calms and states " I was dared just please, please?" He finally says "Fine, but no touching my stuff, and i am keeping the door open." She goes in the closet and sits. As she sits down He looks at her and sees a special sparkle in her eye, and thinks to himself "Do i like her?" She sends a pic of herself to me and all my friends, we laugh... hard. I show the picture to Denice and say " Did i do a good job or what? Yes?" She repeats "Yes, but i could do way better!" I look and say "Oh yeah lets just see!" She says "Fine!" I repeat "Fine!" "
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