Triple Dog Dare

Makenna's birthday Party is coming up soon, and every year there is a game. This year is Triple Dog Dare gone extreme. The rules are you must do the dare, and if you refuse we shave your head. Will the game spread rumors, secrets, pictures? Will it change there life as they know it?


1. Blood drops and Bridges

Everyday in gym class we run across a bridge, which holds a picture of Bailey Kennels. She is a girl our age who passed away by drowning in the river below the bridge. Everyday we put flowers under the picture to show our respect to her. She didn't just jump in the river or fall, the rumor is she was pushed by Denice Beckham, the only person known to our school who would have the nerve to push her. Other rumors are she was drunk at a party and she kept seeing butterflies and decided to go and catch one, which led right off the bridge. I think that's really stupid because butterflies? Really? You couldn't have came up with anything better than that. I would have believed a chipmunk pushed her off better than butterflies. Denice Beckham isn't a bad kid, she's actually is my friend. She always tells me things she has done before that got her in trouble, but honestly i would love to see the action, before believing with my ears. Denice is coming over to my birthday party, soon to be eight-teen! Can't wait, because then my parents can't tell me what to do. I can party and even get drunk every once in a while. Sometimes i just get tired of my parents telling me what to do I think the only option is to cut myself. I have been cutting since the 6th grade. My parents won't shut up I just grabbed a knife and sliced my wrist until I felt faint from all the blood I was losing. Cutting isn't too bad, but it's horrible. Denice always tells me to stop, she says she doesn't want me to be like her. She has been cutting since second grade, and everyday she coughs up blood. She says she doesn't know why, but i think it's because she makes her self throw-up, and she is always losing blood from cutting, blood just automatically shoots out of her. I try to stop every day, but there is just something about it that won't make me stop. Like the knife spreads nicotine to your blood and just makes you addicted. Denice said ,Please just stop, Makenna, Please! I close my eyes and start to say ,It's just har.., then she inturrupted me.. "Yes? she asks. I sigh and say Yes.

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