Behind the Glory of The Boy Who Lived.

Meet Eva the 12yr old girl that was accepted into the same house as the famous Harry Potter. She was there for everything Harry facing Professor Quill, In the Chamber of Secrets, even when he was confronting Serious in their 3rd year. Here is her story.....


2. The Owl

    As they were eating supper Eva's dad asked. "So Eva what were you doing in your room."

    "I was drawing." Eva replied.

      "Drawing What?'' her dad asked wondering

   ''A map'' Eva said.

  ''A map to what?'' her mom budged in.

                              "Hogwarts!" Eva chimed and as soon as she said that a plain white owl dropped through the window. The owl was carrying to what looked like to be a letter, but the envelope had a big  red wax seal covering the outside. As Eva tried to take the letter out of the owl's beak  the owl wouldn't move. So what she did is to give the owl a piece of her leftover fat from her steak. Then the owl gave her the white envelope. Eva opened the envelope and read aloud.

   Albus Dumbeldore

   Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and wizardry

          Dear Miss Eva:

         We would like to inform you that you have been accepted into the school of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. Listed here is the items you will need. Please go to Diagon Alley to gather your supplies.

           Supplies For First Years.


            A Study of common Herbology.

                           By Madam Crovide

            Beginners book of Transfiguration and charms.

                           By Mr. A.B. Apdweller

            The Beginners Book to Defense Against the Dark Arts

                          By  Mr. Norweise Codser


             1. small pewter caldron

             1. pair black robes

             1. wand from Olivander's Wand Shop.

          Students may either bring one cat, owl, or toad.

                                                    Thank You and we will see you soon.

                                                                          Sincerely,   Albus Dombeldore

P.S. Our grounds keeper Hagrid will be at your house any minute now to take you to London to get you supplies.

"Woah that's....interesting." Evas father said bewildered.

"That's great honey. I guess we better wait for this Hagrid to get here." As soon as Eva's mom said this the group of three heard a giant knocking on the door. Eva ran to open the door and as soon as she did her eyes widened in awe of this giant man.

"Well hello there little girl." Hagrid said.

     ''Huh h.. hi there giant man.'' Eva stuttered.

''I am here to take you to Diagon  Alley to get your supplies for Hogwarts.'' Hagrid said happily.

 Her mom and dad said together in unison ''Well okay then.'' They only said this because  of course Eva's mom worked at the highest known place in the magical world. The Ministry of Magic. As soon as Eva packed her things and said her goodbyes. Her and Hagrid headed off...



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