Opperation Bf

Brea is your typical teen struggling to balance her love life, friends and school. Sick of Jenifer Hewitt showing off Harry(breas crush) in front of her, Brea and her friends decide to make a plan to get harry to notice her as much more than, the kid down the street. This is called.....Operation Boyfriend


4. What just happened?

I woke up and the first thing I thought of was Harry and what happened yesterday.How has it gone from, unconditional love with the evil slushie throwing, facing punching Jennifer, to kissing me? Not that I'm complaining, the kiss was pretty darn good, but how could he just leave without so much as an explanation. I just hope that this doesn't effect our friendship. Brea stop worrying, he probably just had to go! As I drag myself out of bed and begin to tame my unruly lion mane, there's a knock at my bedroom window. It was Patty, Kat and Drew. I love how they just think they can appear at my balcony and just walk in, love them.

'Sooooooo, tell me all that happened!' Patty said almost bursting with anticipation.

 'Yeah common, spill it!' Kat slammed her fist on my desk before quickly shaking her hand with regret.

'I'm just here for food.' Drew made her wishes clear as she slumped on the bed.

'I'll get the food first so Drew can stop complaining and then I'll tell all.' I said walking out the door. I came back to all eyes on me carrying the food, except Drew's, they were on the food.

 'Okay okay, get comfortable, it's a long story.' I explained every detail to them, how I felt when he left, what he might have been thinking and they all reacted differently.

'Maybe he just had to go to football, I mean, the last time I spoke to Danny he was with Harry and they were at football' Patty said in an effort to calm my nerves.

'Maybe he had to go to the toilet' Kat gave a less convincing reason

'But we have a toilet?'

 'Maybe he has OCD with other peoples loos. He is a bit strange, don't know what you see in him' Kat said, looking at me shaking her head.

 'This is cheese...... I asked for jam.' We all looked at Drew in confusing as she just casually went back to eating her sandwich.

Trust my friends to make me feel worse about the situation than I did before. Lets be honest here, i may as well have been talking to a wall. I've done that before, didn't really work, got some strange looks as well........but that's besides the point.

'Forget this, I'm going to get McDonald's' Drew says, shoving the rest of her sandwich in her mouth and grabbing a packet of Space Raider crisps off my desk. Typical Drew.

'Okay I'm bored now bye.' Kat stands up, checks her hair and make up before picking up my favourite jumper and putting it on 'what? I have a hot date, I'll give it back at school,' which, knowing Kat, means I'm never seeing that jumper again.

'And then there were two.'  Patty fluttered her lashes.  We sat there for a while, just talking about the usual nonsense that only we understand until the phone rang.

'Hello?' no one normally rang on a Saturday, they all have lives and i'm the only person in the world who just stays at home on the weekend.

'Hey its Harry,' I looked at Patty and mouthed 'its Harry' followed by a shrug. 'Look before you call me an arsehole and hang up on me, I'm really sorry about last night, I can explain'.  As soon as he said that, Patty snatched the phone from my hand.

'She doesn't need to hear your excuses.....You kissed her and then left! Who the hell does that?! You richardhead!!!!!!!!' Patty was fuming, her face was scarlet and distorted into a face of pure rage.

'What did you call me?'

'I called you a richardhead you mong! If you took a moment to think about others instead of kissing girls and leaving, you would know I don't swear! Dick is short for Richard, so you work it out, or do you need Brea to tutor you some more!?'  I'd never seen Patty this mad before, lovely to know she had my back, even if she had just ruined my only chance with Harry...I still love her. She hung up the phone before receiving a text from Danny and rushing off, typical.



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