Opperation Bf

Brea is your typical teen struggling to balance her love life, friends and school. Sick of Jenifer Hewitt showing off Harry(breas crush) in front of her, Brea and her friends decide to make a plan to get harry to notice her as much more than, the kid down the street. This is called.....Operation Boyfriend


1. Hottest boy at St Hewitts

My heart sunk when I saw Harry grasping Jenifer’s hand as they strolled down the corridor. It was obvious that she was only using him to boost her popularity in school. But never the less she had him under her wicked spell, maybe that was it, she’s a witch, a cruel manipulative slutty witch. Listen to me, ranting on about how much I hate Jenifer Hewitt and I haven’t even introduced myself, I’m Gabriella but everyone calls me Brea, I’m 15 years old and go to St Hewitt’s high, that’s right you’ve guessed it founded by Jenifer’s great great great grandmother.

                ‘Brea!!!!!’ I was snapped out of my day dream when I heard my name being called by one of my three best friends Patty ‘Oi mug, stop fantasizing about Harry and turn around’ I laughed and turned to face her. ‘Well that was rude’ I shouted which I followed with dramatic run to hug. ‘Where have you been koala breath? It's like you fell off the face of the earth….Hello…..Brea?’  I had been distracted by the hottest boy at St Hewitt’s, Harry Woodmaster.

‘Hey Brea’ I was lost for words. The only thing I managed to stutter out was ‘Hebsfk e dkbfeuf’ 

‘She means hey’ Patty quickly mentioned as she pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose once again saving me from humiliation.

‘Are we still on for tonight? I’ve been revising but it’s the algebra that still gets me’. Even though he’s jaw droppingly gorgeous, Harry isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed if you catch my drift. Giving that I am an honor student, I have been forced to tutor him in maths, science and English. Not that I’m complaining.

‘Ummm yeah sure but my parents are going out so Stevie is going to be there but I’m pretty sure he’ll just spend the night on his phone or in his room.' Stevie is my annoying 12 year old brother from hell who spends his life trying to ruin mine with the help Tim and dale, the twins from down the road. ‘Yeah sure that’s fine’ Harry smiled.

'Remember you're bringing the pizza this time, I’m not allowed to cook anymore seeing as last time we did, we almost burnt the house down’. Harry smirked and nodded over dramatically as if he’s heard me say it more than once.  

I turned around smiling like a fool to face Patty who had since vanished from my sight. I looked around almost panicking that I would have to walk to school by myself but then she came into view, and as per usual, she was sucking on Danny's face. Danny was Patty's boyfriend, they were practically married as they had been together so long. I cant remember a time when they weren't together to be frank. They started dating in year 5 when Danny asked Patty to dance at the end of year disco, cheesy I know. Anyway they've been inseparable ever since even though Danny is in the year above. Just my luck that he's Harry's best friend. Any normal girl would be worried about losing Danny, being that hes smart, funny and ridiculously good looking, with his black hair and bluey greeny eyes, also the charming smile that made all the girls turn bright red. He wasn't my type though, I'm more into tall, blonde haired, blue eyed boys....like Harry.

Patty, Danny and I were waiting before school, standing outside Hathaway Hall for Drew and Kat when we saw it; Jenifer and Harry arguing. Patty looked at me, then ran to stand next to me so we could hear every last word that came out of Harry's perfect mouth.

'I saw you! Don't lie yo me you cheating whore!' Harry boomed.

'Fine I admit it, I was kissing Andy at the party but I had a bloody good reason!' Jenifer crossed her arms and gave Harry a look that could kill.

'No reason will ever be good enough Jenny!'

'Not even if it was because you spend every moment of your life studying with that rat faced year 10?' Patty had to hold me back at this point, I could have knocked her giant head right off her shoulders.

'Don't talk about Brea that way! At least she understands that if I don't get my grades up I'll have to give up music! Actually, no. You know what Jen? It's over!' Harry stormed off across the road and smiled at me.

'Alright there Hazza?' Dan laughed.

'Just broke up with Jen.'

'I know, we heard' I muttered.

'Didn't your mother ever tell you that eavesdropping is rude?' Harry laughed as he put his arm round my neck and messed up my hair.

'If you two could please step out of your little love bubble so can we go to school, it would be much appreciated.' I turned to see where the muffled shout had come from. It was Drew standing with one hand on her hip, the other firmly grasping her Space Raider crisps whilst tapping her foot impatiently against the pavement. Laughing, I nudged Harry's arm off my shoulder and walked over to them.

'Come on then, lets go before you tap yourself into China.' I waved goodbye to Harry and linked arms with Drew. 

'And for your information, we are not in a love bubble', Drew just laughed at my obvious lie and we continued walking to school.


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