Opperation Bf

Brea is your typical teen struggling to balance her love life, friends and school. Sick of Jenifer Hewitt showing off Harry(breas crush) in front of her, Brea and her friends decide to make a plan to get harry to notice her as much more than, the kid down the street. This is called.....Operation Boyfriend


6. Dreaming in reality

"no girlfriend is perfect brea." I kept playing with those words in my head, the words i had been dying to hear. Me, Harry Woodmaster girlfriend? I looked over at him sleeping so peacefully next to me, and before you say anything no we bloody well did not! anyways, i looked over at him lying there, even in his sleep he smiles, i wonder what he was thinking about, knowing harry, its probably something stupid like Rihanna riding a unicorn. I whispered softly under my breath 'this cant be real, somebody pitch me, ouch' i grasped my arm as i felt a sharp pain on my skin, 'you said somebody pinch me so i did, dont ask for something you dont really want.' i smirked as those sarcastic words fell from harrys gorgeous mouth. His eyes still closed and content, as he shifted his body and wrapped one of his strong tanned arms around my body. 'so my dear its Saturday, what do you want to do.' harry said in a tired voice with one eye open looking up and nuzzling into me. 'My dear? who are you? Mr Darcey? well, i have studying to do but your welcome to stay with me, however you have to make me food.' Harry groaned at my offer 'but its so warm and comfy here, can i do it later, anyway youre the woman' he laughed 'hey!' i said hitting him 'I may be your girlfriend now but i am certainly not your slave!' i giggled. 'But you loveeee me, and you neeeddd me and you waaannnttt me' harry said whilst grabbing my wrists softly and rolling on top of me 'get off of me you lug!' i yelled and squirmed 'but. you. love. me' he said while kissing all over my face and neck before laying his head between my shoulder and neck. 'Fine ten more minutes in bed then its breakfast and work, understood' Harry lifted his head and looked me in the eyes, i could feel his strong arms wrapping around me 'better make that twenty' i said rolling on top of him, he winked and kissed me passionately. An hour and a half has past and i woke harry up with pancakes and blueberry syrup. I was wearing his shirt like in the movies, 'harry, haaarrryyy, come on bum face wake up' i put the tray of food down on my table and got onto the bed, poking his face and flicking his ear. 'wake up or im eating your pancakes' 'neveeerrrrr' he yelled, opening his eyes wide and pulling me towards him by the waist. we laughed as he flung me on the bed and got up to get his breakfast. Mesmerized, i sat there watching him, he just stood there, topless, his god like abs right there in front of my face. and he was mine. seriously, me, he picked me. He lent down and kissed me, 'im gonna need my shirt back' he winked.




-so sorry for the late update, been really busy, i hope you enjoy it, its a bit cheeky with a few little innuendos thrown in there, but come on, hes gorgeous of course they were going to.... or did they?

any way enjoy and i shall try to update more often:* 

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