Opperation Bf

Brea is your typical teen struggling to balance her love life, friends and school. Sick of Jenifer Hewitt showing off Harry(breas crush) in front of her, Brea and her friends decide to make a plan to get harry to notice her as much more than, the kid down the street. This is called.....Operation Boyfriend


3. Did i miss something?

I was lost for words. This had to be a dream. That's it, I had hit my head and I am now lying in a hospital bed in a coma, because there is no way that Harry bloody Woodmaster is here right now standing in the pouring rain smiling at me.

'Umm are you gonna let me in or let me freeze?' He laughed, pushing his floppy hair out of his face.

'Oh right yeah, come in. I thought you were only coming at 5?' I asked, puzzled as I took his coat and watched him fiddle with his hair like he always does.

'I know i know but when someone gets punched in the face by my psychopath girlfriend, I do tend to worry about whether or not they're alright and I didn't want you to fall asleep and never wake up.' Harry laughed and flicked his hair, spraying water over my face.

'Oh yeah that's not pessimistic at all', I smirked and wiped the water from my face, leading him into the living room. 'You must be frozen, here sit down, Mum brought down my blanket, you know the one we had, when that massive snow storm hit and we spent everyday watching horror movies?' That storm was the moment I realised I had strong feelings for Harry, before that, he was just like a big brother, now hes much more than that but he still treats me like a sister.

'Speaking of that...' Harry crossed his legs and threw the cover over himself, 'I brought you a sick mix'. When ever one of us is ill, the other always has to bring over a bag full of the others favorite things, in mine, Harry had brought me food food and more food. 

We sat there watching the movie, I wasn't paying much attention to it that much, my eyes kept drifting over towards Harry. He had changed so much. I started to notice things I had never noticed before, like when ever people kissed on TV or swore, his feet would slowly lift up, or the way he licked his lips then dried them again with his finger tips, he really was an odd ball.

'You know you can come closer, I don't bite....often' Harry laughed and winked at me. He had obviously noticed me looking at him. Nevertheless, I didn't want to give up a chance to get close to him. I plucked up the courage and moved closer. Harry lifted his arm over me and held me tight. I was stunned, my body was tingling when I heard my name being called.

'Brea we're leaving now, you and Harry have Pizza and Stevie has Chinese, make sure you clean up your mess and don't let your brother play on his Xbox, he's grounded.' I heard Stevie moaning from upstairs. 'You kids have fun now.' My mother clearly didn't understand that just because your standing by the door, doesn't mean you have to shout. 

It seemed like hours and we hadn't spoken like this in forever. I felt myself drifting off into a content slumber. We were still close and I could feel harry's chest moving up and down with every breath. He still wore way to much body spray, but I liked it. All of a sudden I felt something on my lips, I opened my eyes to find harry on the other side. Did I miss something? Was Harry Woodmaster seriously kissing me? Me? Brea Hart? And within realising that I heard the three words I really didn't want to hear

.....'I should go....'

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