Opperation Bf

Brea is your typical teen struggling to balance her love life, friends and school. Sick of Jenifer Hewitt showing off Harry(breas crush) in front of her, Brea and her friends decide to make a plan to get harry to notice her as much more than, the kid down the street. This is called.....Operation Boyfriend


2. Cherry Slushies

Finally it was lunch time and we were all boiling from the summers heat.

'Oi Brea! You wanna go get some slushies?' Dan yelled whilst he had his arms around Patty's waist.

'Yeah but you're buying.'

'Knew you'd say that.' With his spare arm, Dan pushed my face jokingly. He turned round and started to order when I heard my name being screeched behind me followed by a cold, sticky sensation all over my head and down my back. Then it hit me. Literally. I had had a cherry slushie poured over my head, followed by a full on punch to the face.

'W-what the hell?!' I stammered as Dan and Patty helped me to my feet, blood pouring down my face onto my crisp white shirt. When I had caught up with the situation, I had realised that Jenifer was standing in front of me, fuming.


'What the hell are you going on about?!' I said, holding my slushie to my head in agony.

'I saw you flirting with Harry outside of the Hall today so don't act all innocent.' I could see the smoke coming out of Jenifer's impeccable nose.

'Oh for god sake! That wasn't flirting, we were just talking about our tutoring session after school you utter psycho!'

'But she does have a massive crush on him' Drew said with her mouth full of pasta.

'Not helping Drew!' I hissed through my teeth. At that point I felt numb and like I was going to throw up. My eyes had started to close and my speech slurred. The next thing I knew, I was lying in the nurses office. 'What happened?' I groaned.

'Jenifer Hewitt happened my dear. You two lasses were fighting out side of the tuck shop, she hit you and then you fainted some time after. Your father is on his way to pick you up.' The nurse smiled, her Scottish accent almost comforting 

I got home and Mum had made her chicken noodle soup with little heart shaped toast pieces. I know. I'm not little anymore but my mother really does know how to cheer me up when up down. It had started to rain outside and mum brought down my blankets and laptop so that I could have the big TV. The sound of the tapping rain against the window soothed my aching head. I had started to drift off to sleep, when all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. It was Harry, his hair limp against his angelic face, soaked and shivering.

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