I Found You

Emma has been locked in her room her whole life from an 'overprotective father'. She finds a mysterious box under a floor board. Maybe this box can unlock the past and lead her to her hero,

Her mysterious dreams haunt her, she needs to unlock the mysterious of her past, but she can't do it alone.

Spider-Man soon discovers he as feelings for her, but could she ever love someone like him?



6. Chapter 6 "It's Okay."

She stood up to go look for him, she slowly opened the doors and poked her head out. She walked out and looked around.

"Um-hello?" She called out. She didn't hear a response. She sighed. "I'm sorry," she called out. "I shouldn't have brought it up..."

"I'm the one who should be sorry..." She heard an apologetic voice behind her . She whirls around and smile in relief to know it was Spider-Man.

"Come," he said. "I have to show you something." She grows puzzled. "Okay..." She says quietly.

He lead her down a hallway and into a small room with papers everywhere. There was a computer screen on. He walked over to a table while she was looking around. He slid out a file from under some papers and turned to her, still looking at it.

He held it out to her. "If you're ready..." He says. She stares at it, scared of what might be inside. She slowly grabs it. She lightly pulls it out of his grasp and holds in in front of her. He looks down at the yellow file with black print on it.

Jacob Cane

She lightly ran her fingers over the printing then looked up at Spider-Man with a sad, worried look on her face.

"Who is this?"

"The man posing as your father." He said and looked down at the file. He takes a deep breath. "Are you sure about this?" He asked with with concern in his voice.

She barely managed to nod. She looked down at the file and ran her index finger lightly along the side. He took a deep breath and flipped it open.

Name: Jacob Cane

Criminal Record: 4 two year periods

Reasons: Suspected murder for Chris, Laura, and their daughter Emma. There is no evidence of this act of murder, police were forced to let him go.

She stared at the paper after reading it, barely able to breath.

"How...?" She wheezed. "No... No..." She whimpered.

"They... They lived in the house before you..." He said quietly. She stated to sob.

"My whole life... A lie?" She cried. She covered her face with her hands, thoughts pounding in her mind.

To her surprise, he came to comfort her again. He wrapped his arms around her. She cried into his chest, not caring what he for her thought about it. She kept her arms close to her, still covering her face.

She cried and threw her arms around him, squeezing as tight as she could. She sniffled. "Why- why'd he shoot you?"

He didn't answer at first. She assumed he have up the question, so she buried her face in his chest.

"You don't have to answer," she said and wiped her eyes with her forearm.

He pushed away and walked back to the desk. He pulled out another file, this one entitled:

Murder 0044

She examined it. She pulled it from his grasp and slowly opened it. She read it and tears started flowing from her eyes.

"Why...?" She whimpered. "What did I ever do to deserve this?"

He walked up to her and laid his hands on her shoulders. "It's okay... It's okay.."

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