I Found You

Emma has been locked in her room her whole life from an 'overprotective father'. She finds a mysterious box under a floor board. Maybe this box can unlock the past and lead her to her hero,

Her mysterious dreams haunt her, she needs to unlock the mysterious of her past, but she can't do it alone.

Spider-Man soon discovers he as feelings for her, but could she ever love someone like him?



3. Chapter 3 "Return."

~3 months later~

She had almost given up on his return, but kept holding on.

To her surprise, she heard the noise again, she scrambled to her feet and rushed to open the door. She saw him there again, he looked down at her as he always did.

She knew what he was here for, maybe it is his. She knew the right thing to do was give it to him, but what if he never came back?

"Where's the box?" He asks, sounding like he isn't afraid to fight for it.

"What do you want with it?" I demand, standing up tall. He looked at me, me, unable to read his expression, look into his eyes with confidence beaming from me.

He didn't answer me. "I need you to give it to me, please?" He says, almost begging. His voice sounded young, so he must be around me age. It was deep, and mysterious.

I decided to put on an act of confidence and walked up to him. "I won't give you the box until I know who you are, why you're here, and what you want with it." I say toughly and push my finger against his chest. He backs up. Silence filled the room.

He scowled angrily.

"Who do you think you are? Just barging in on my like that?" I order and stomp up to him. "I don't even know who you are... I can't see your face.." My voice starts to weaken. I look down at the ground.

"I'm Spider-Man." He says, lifting my chin. "I didn't mean to hurt you, I'll tell you what you asked for." He says soothingly. I look up at him and smile a little.

"I'm here because, because this is where someone I knew lived. Her and I hid that box here, I don't know what happened to her, I haven't seen her in years, I thought maybe she was... Dead... That box is the only thing I have of her, now, please give it to me." He pleads. I ponder the thought for a moment, trying to picture it.

I slowly nod and walk past him and down the closer to where I broke the floorboard. I open it and lay it beside the hole. I take the box out and stand up, still looking at it. He walked up to me and a pause before handing him the small box.

He looked at me, then down at the box. He nodded his head in thanks. I smile sadly and nod back. I look to the ground, about to cry, and shuffle my feet. I didn't want him to leave. I look up about to say something, when she notices he was gone. She looks around hopefully.

"Please come back," she whimpers sadly and waits, half expecting someone to answer. No sound filled her ears so she simply gave up. She walked out of the closet and looked out the windows.

She should have never gave him the box, now he'll never come back.

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