I Found You

Emma has been locked in her room her whole life from an 'overprotective father'. She finds a mysterious box under a floor board. Maybe this box can unlock the past and lead her to her hero,

Her mysterious dreams haunt her, she needs to unlock the mysterious of her past, but she can't do it alone.

Spider-Man soon discovers he as feelings for her, but could she ever love someone like him?



2. Chapter 2 "The Man."

~3 weeks later~

Emma had wondered about the box for days, most of the time she forgot about it, but still yearned to know what was in it.

She hadn't heard the noises since then, until that day.

She heard the taping noise again, she got up and looked around. She gathered the nerve to say something, though it took all her might and will-power.

"I-I know you're there, come out!" She ordered in a shaky voice. It was obvious she was scared, she strongly disliked that.

She slowly got up and approached the door. When she opened it, she found two white, masked eyes looking at her. She gasped and was about to scream, but was cut off when the man cupped her mouth with his hand. His hand was covered in soft material that was red, with a black web pattern on it.

He pressed her back against himself, slowing her to breath, but not to scream. She tried pulling his hand off, but he was strong.

"I need that box," he whispered hoarsely. "I know it's here."

She froze, she barely even breathed. The box?

She tore herself out if his grasp and whipped around to see no one.

"I don't-don't have a box," she lied fearfully and backed up, only to bump into his again. She gasped and turned around to see his white eyes look down at her.

He seemed to know she was lying, his expression was plain and serious under his mask.

"I'm going to keep coming back until you're ready to give it to me." He says grimly. She forces herself to have a confident, brave expression, when really, on the inside she was breaking down in fear.

"Who are you?" She demands as she stands up tall, not quite as tall as him. There was a brief pause, there was no sound. Until her door opened.

"Emma? Emma!" Her father stormed angrily. Jay looked from out the closet door, to the man and shoved his hardly.

"Go!" She ordered and ran out of the closet. She saw her father in the entrance of her room.

"What were you doing, Emma?" He asks deeply.

"I thought I saw something, so I looked in my closet. But it was nothing." She replies, acting as if that was true.

Her father looked at her, then nodded slowly and left. She sighed in relief and rushed back to the closet and opened it to see no one. Her closet was unusually long, and was a little old and dusty.

"Hello?" She called out, hoping for him to answer. There was no answer. "Can you save me?" She whispered, almost crying as she huddled in the dark corner of the closet.


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