I Found You

Emma has been locked in her room her whole life from an 'overprotective father'. She finds a mysterious box under a floor board. Maybe this box can unlock the past and lead her to her hero,

Her mysterious dreams haunt her, she needs to unlock the mysterious of her past, but she can't do it alone.

Spider-Man soon discovers he as feelings for her, but could she ever love someone like him?



1. Chapter 1 "The Box."

Emma listened, she listened and waited for something, someone to come and save her.


She silently sobbed, covering her face with her hands, huddled in the corner of an old room. She's been trapped in this house her whole life. Her father never letting her out.

She heard a small tapping noise, she slowly got up and looked around the room.

"H-hello?" She asked, sounding like she had just been crying. There was no response, she walked barefoot across the old wooden floor, it creaked with every step she took and splinters lodged into her feet. She held in the gasps of pain and listened for whatever she heard.

She must have heard her father coming, because just then the door opened. Her father. He was very protective, too protective. She looked up at him with innocent eyes and he looked right passed them and his gaze hardened.

"Father, I-I... Please let me go..." She sighed through her cracked, shaky voice. His brows furrowed and his eyes shot anger at her.

"No! You will never leave! You're too immature and dumb to take care of yourself!" He practically screamed at her.

Her eyes started to water as he slammed the door in her face. She sobbed and sat down in the middle of the room.

Her mother had passed away years ago, her father never wanted to let her go because she reminded him so much of her. She couldn't break his heart, above all she loved him, and she couldn't bare to see him hurt, even if it's going to hurt her more.

She heard the noise again and looked up, nothing. She couldn't see anything. Her room was completely empty, all there was, was a closet. She crawled to her closet door and slid them open. Dust shot at her face and she coughed roughy, She wiped her burning eyes from the dust and squinted.


She looked down to see footprints in the dust. She crouched down, amazed. She followed the footprints in the closet. It was completely dark, not a wall to be seen.

She tripped on a wooden floorboard sticking up and fell forward, crashing against the ground. She groaned in pain as she felt the warm trickle on blood run down her foot. She ignored it and slowly got up.

She turned her head to the broken floorboard and put her hands on each side of it. She pulled up, but her hand slips and cuts her palm.

She slightly gasps in pain and shock as she looked at the bleeding cut. She looked back at the floorboard and pulled with all her strength. The floorboard breaks open with a crack of wood. She holds the floorboard in front of her, wanting to saver this moment. She gently wiped the dust off of it. On the back, there was words carved into it.

I am going to miss you

She looked at the words, that seemed to have been written by a child, and marveled at them. Who wrote this? She lightly brushed her fingers over it, feeling every indent. She set it down beside her and looked into the hole that was now in the floor.

There was a box with fancy decoration on the side, it looked old, years old. She sat criss-crossed and set the box on her lap. She slowly crushes the dust off and laid her fingers on the lock. She took another look inside the hole and saw no key.

She grew disappointed and put the box back in the hole, she put the broken floor piece back the way she has found it and walked out.


Author's note:

Hello! Yes, I'm back with a book for the Valentine's day competition! I wish all who are doing it luck, and please like and comment for my book, I accept ideas! Thank you!

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