A Passing Storm

Talia Davis was the most unusual girl you could meet. She had straight, long, golden hair, and blue eyes that could drown you with a glance. She was tall, skinny, and pale skinned but that is about all that was normal about her. Thila was a Goddess, triplet of Apollo and Artemis, friend of Luke, and banned from Olympus by Zeus. Will she follow Luke and rise a titan and destroy Olympus, or will she forgive Zeus and help save it. (This fan fiction takes place in the Lighting Thief of Percy Jackson movies)


2. The Trip

I arrived late at Camp Half-Blood and went straight to the Big House, telling Chiron about what happened. He informed me, "Tomorrow you will be joining Grover to help bring Percy Jackson here safely. But for now, get a goodnight's sleep and in the morning, make sure to not wear something nice, this crowed is not very...well....you know."

"I gotcha." I said, "So who am I pretending to be?"

"A student." He said plainly.

"Ok, well I guess I am going to go pack and learn to act like a 8th grader." I said heading out the door.

(Time skip)

I woke up in the morning, hating myself for agreeing to this. I got out of bed and changed my appearance to look like a 14 year old. I put on torn jeans and a shirt that said PINK across the chest in black letters and a pair of black heeled boots. Next, I changed my hair to blond and put it in a messy bun on top of my head. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I looked so different that I thought someone was behind me. I sighed and I took my leather jacket off the hook and strutted out of my house. While I was walking to the stables, people turned their heads and started to whisper. I snapped at them saying, "Just because I look like a 14 year old doesn't mean that I am not still part of the staff."

I was mounting Midnight when Mr. D came up to me and asked who I was.

"Jeez, D I'd thought you'd remember me," I said lazily, "But I can't talk now, I have to protect a lazy half-blood."

"Be carful." D said sternly.

"Ok, ok." I answered, rolling my eyes.

"I mean it, we can't lose one another."

"I know, I know." I growled, making the horse canter and taking off.

It was a short trip, but a boring one. For a while, all we could see were farms and the occasional neighborhood. 


When we finally got to the city, Midnight landed on a helicopter pad, and I headed down the stairs well. I only had 15 minutes to get to the school where Percy Jackson and Grover were. Luckily, it was only a couple minutes by subway, so I got to the school with 10 minutes to find Grover and start my cover.

I strode up to the front desk and asked where I could find a boy by the name of Grover.

"Is he in any sort of trouble?" She asked with a sigh.

"No, I'm just and friend visiting for a little bit." I replied kindly.

"Are you Jennifer Mendez?" Another woman inquired, the principal by my guess.

"Yes, sorry I'm late. The trip took a little longer than I thought." I apologized.

"No worries, Grover has a free right now, but I think I know where he might be." The principal said shaking my hand.

I followed her past a lot of classrooms, and everyone stared as I went past, wondering who I could be. When we got to where Grover was supposed to be, I wasn't surprised. We had arrived at a big indoor pool. Grover was hunched over a stop watch on on the the bleachers. When he saw me, he jumped up and walked over. 

"Mr. Underwood, make sure Jennifer doesn't get lost, and introduce her to the teacher in the beginning of every class." The woman stated.

"I'll make sure, Mrs. Monroe." Grover replied.

As Mrs. Monroe  walked out, Grover said, "What took you so long, you were supposed to be here at the beginning of the day, like a normal person!" 

"Sorry Grover, but it takes a lot longer than you think to get from Camp to here." I snapped, "Now, where is he."

"Where do you think?" Grover replied with a laugh.

I looked over at the pool, "You've got to be kidding me."

"Nope, it's weird, he hasn't suspected anything." 

"Who would? He probably inspiring to be like one of those divers, or he's just really stupid." 

"Oh, that reminds me, there are a lot of idiots in this place, so make sure you restrain yourself."

"Please, I have plenty of control."

"Really? Like the snake incident?"

"What snake incident?" A voice from the water suddenly asked. 

Grover and I jumped, "Oh uh Percy, this is my friend Jennifer, she's visiting for a few days. Jennifer, this is my best friend Percy."

"Good to finally meet you Percy, I've been told a lot about you."


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