A Passing Storm

Talia Davis was the most unusual girl you could meet. She had straight, long, golden hair, and blue eyes that could drown you with a glance. She was tall, skinny, and pale skinned but that is about all that was normal about her. Thila was a Goddess, triplet of Apollo and Artemis, friend of Luke, and banned from Olympus by Zeus. Will she follow Luke and rise a titan and destroy Olympus, or will she forgive Zeus and help save it. (This fan fiction takes place in the Lighting Thief of Percy Jackson movies)


3. The Day of Greetings

Grover and Percy were supposed to show me around during their free, but instead we just hung out and relaxed. When it ended we rushed to fourth period. The bell rung and I was introduced to the substitute teacher. 

"Well hello dear, my name is Ms. Dods, I'm filling in for Ms. Patrick this week." The substitute teacher said put her hand out.

"Nice to meet you Ms. Dods, my name is Jennifer Mendez." I took her hand but suddenly a dark sensation flooded over me, one that I had only felt from one other person before. I took back my hand and turned towards the waiting class. 

"Listen up class, this is Jennifer Mendez, she is a friend of Grover. Be sure to help her out, she is going to be here for a week." Ms. Phillip said introducing me to the class.

"Is that your girlfriend, crutches!" a voice taunted

"Sorry to let you down Peter." I replied to the random kid.

"Did someone tell you my name?" asked Peter trying to sound tough

"No. It says it on your nametag." I replied with a small smile

"Ok well now that we've met, why don't we get started, shall we?" 

I followed Grover to the back of the class and sat next to him, and Percy sat in front of me. 

"All right class, take out your books and start reading from chapter one." 

I spent the entire class staring at my desk pretending to read. When the bell finally ended I sprang up ready to move around. 

"Ready for lunch?" Asked Percy

"Um... I guess?" 

"Don't worry I've got you covered." Grover said me leading the way.

"Where are we going?" I asked really worried

"Where do you think?" Percy retorted

"I seriously have no idea,"

"The cafeteria." Grover answered

"Oh ok... is the food good?" I asked uncertainly

"Nope" Percy said seriously


We got to the cafeteria and I wanted to throw up. It was nothing like I was use to. We had to wait in line, and when we finally got to the food, it was mostly processed slime. I looked at it with distaste and immediately decided my feelings on it and didn't even look like I was going to get anything.   

"Come on Jenna, you need to eat. I know it isn't as good as home, but it's all you've got." Grover said trying to pursued me to get something.

"I'd rather have to live with my father." I fired quietly.

"Any problems?" Percy asked butting in.

I knew he heard me, "I'm fine, I'll get something after school." 

"Bad choice, we have a double next, Mrs. Atkins will kill you." 

"Really, well Mrs. Atkins and I have something in common." I said under my breathe

"Did I tick you off or something?" Percy asked  

"Do you know anything about greek gods and goddess?" I asked. 

"Uh.. I guess why?" 

"Nothing, Perc, Jenna just likes scaring people. Usually newbies." Grover butted

"What am I a newbie for!"

"You're new to her, but that reminds me, Percy do you mind if Jennifer and I stay with you tonight." Grover said quickly changing the subject.

"Yeah sure, but be warned my idiot step-dad  my try to take advantage of you." 

"How?" I asked angrily

"He's an asshole, who doesn't care about anyone but himself." 

"Oh well how fun." I said sarcastically.

The rest of lunch was Percy and Grover pointing out people to be carful around and retelling  stories, while I laughed and added my own commentary. When the end of lunch came around we sadly trumped off to 7th period, and to Mrs.Atkins.


It turns out that she really was awful. When I introduced my self she replied "I don't care just sit down." I was shocked and almost replied but Grover pulled me away before I could cause any damage, and set up a set next to his. 

"Today we will be continuing our labs. Jennifer, you work with Jack today." 

I looked over to where she was pointing. A group of guys in the back were laughing silently, they were mostly the guys Grover and Percy told me to stay away from. I looked back to Grover who looked scared. 

"Don't worry about me hooves, I tackled worse." I whispered.

"It's not you I'm worried about." Grover whispered back.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to the teacher who was handing back lab papers.

When she reached our table she said, "What are you waiting for, go over there."

"I was wondering if I could join Grover's partnership." 

"You'll group with Jack and that is the end" She snapped.

I remembered what D said and held back my retort, walking innocently over to the laughing table of guys.

"Hey, I'm Tomas, and totally single." one of the guys laughed.

"I'm Jennifer, and totally not interested." I snapped with a smile.

"Well Jennifer, can I called you Jenny?" another of the guys asked


"Well Jenny, I'm Jack, and if these guys are finished giving their souls to you, we can go to our table." Jack said

"I'm sure they are." I laughed looking over to Grover who had a expression of, worry, surprise, anger, and another that I couldn't identify.

"I didn't know crutches had a girlfriend." Tomas laughed

"Don't call him crutches, and fyi I'm not his girlfriend." I snapped.

"Oooo someone's defensive." Another of the guys mocked

"Nock it off guys." Jack said not laughing

"Fine, but will get her soon." Tomas said taking the rest of the guys to his table.

"Thanks for that." I smiled

"Don't worry about it." He said bowing his head down, "I don't even know why I'm still friends with them."

"Wow that just got emotional real fast." I said with a laugh

"Yeah, let's just get this lab over with," He replied.

We spent the first period finishing what little there was left to his worksheet and spent the rest of the time in silent, so the rest of the class could concentrate. 


When the bell finally rang I shot up and joined Grover at the door. 

"Are you guys sure you want sleep over at my house?" Percy asked

"Yeah, don't worry about it buddy, it'll be fine." Grover replied

"Ok then, Jennifer do you have any extra bags or anything?" 

"Nope I'm good."

"Ok then let's get out of here." Percy said leading the way.

"So how was your first day?" Grover asked when Percy was out of range.

"I think I'm ready to go back." I said seriously, but Grover just laughed.

We pushed our way through crowded hallways and down crowded streets. We took a subway filled with other kids finishing school. We got off about three stops later and walked down two blocks to face a apartment building that was ok, not so great but not the worst place ever. 

"Hopefully he's not here yet." Percy said under his breath.

We walked up three flights of stairs and then were greeted by the unpleasant aroma of alcohol, cigars, cleaning supplies, an old man sweat. I let out a silent gag and Grover elbowed me in the side. With a moments pause Percy slipped through the door and we followed. The apartment on first glance could of been a cozy living space but the smell and the old man ruined it.

"Get me a beer!" A gravely voice yelled.

"Get it yourself." Percy yelled back.

A dark hair woman appeared around the corner and Percy gave her a look that said "Why the heck are you letting him treat you like this."

But the dark hair woman just said, "Hello Grover, who's your friend?" 

"Oh, this is Jennifer, from camp she's staying for a little bit before she has to go back. Do you mind if we stay the night?" Grover said all at once giving the woman signal with his eyes.

"No of course not, we can get some extra mattresses, do you mind sleeping on the floor?" She asked.

"Of course not, whats ever best." I replied kindly

"You can call me Sally if you'd like Jennifer." Sally added

I nodded and followed Percy and Grover to Percy's room.


I settled on one of his chairs and asked, "So what do you guys usually do after school?"

"Well sometimes we play Call of Duty, or Halo, just random video games" Percy supplied

"Other times we go to a local indoor pool after the swim team's practices are over." Grover added

"Oh well, let's go with the first one, I LOVE Call of Duty, you have no idea." I said with excitement.

"Ok, well are you good?" asked Percy

I looked over at Grover smiled and replied, "I'm okay" 

"Well what are we waiting for?" Grover asked getting up and turning on the tv.

"I'll get the game and then we can start." Percy said leaving.

When Percy left the room Grover whispered, "Jenna, when Percy falls asleep we can explain to Sally about what Chiron told you, ok?"

"Ok," I replied.

We spent about two hours playing Call of Duty, where Percy and Grover were on a team against me, and I one every time. After that Percy and Grover, stunned, started their homework. We ordered pizza and made up stories about the camp Grover met me at. Grover and Percy soon fell asleep. I waited ten minutes then  quietly tiptoed out of the room and into the kitchen, where I found Sally serving a group of drunken guys playing poker. 

I walked up to her and whispered, "Sally, we need to talk."

I knew she understood the importance, we walked into a secluded part of the house, "We need to get Percy to camp as soon as possible, It's a miracle he's lasted this long." I rushed

"Jennifer, calm down." Sally said trying to understand what I had said.

I took a deep breath, "Sally, I am here to safely transport your son to camp. Zeus thinks that Percy stole his lightning bolt, and Percy has until the Winter Solicit to return it, Camp is the only safe place right now."

"I though Grover was his protector." 

"He still is, I'm just here in case things get out of hand." I answered simply.

"Ok... well I guess we can leave tomorrow after school, I'll pack somethings for him after you guys leave in the morning." Sally replied slowly.

"Thanks," I said grateful that she understood.

"Now try and get some sleep, you have a long day ahead of you." 

I nodded and headed back to Percy's room, where I immediately feel deep sleep, untroubled by nightmares.

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