The Girl Who Didn't Care

20 year old Effie Reynolds meet 21 year old Harry Styles on a cold winter night while smoking a blunt. How does their relationship change and what happens when Effie is the girl who dosen't care.


2. • Chapter 2 •

Through his oversized white blouse, I could see loads of tattoos. He caught me looking at them, he awkwardly took a zip of his beer and walked past me. He opened the front door and the music blasted through. I could feel the bass through the ground. The door closed and everything went silent again. I had held my breath the whole time while Harry was here, and now I could breath again. I took a deep breath and could feel the ice cold wind getting through my lunges. I went over to Zia so I could wake her up. She was cold, so I gave her my coat on. "Come on." I said and lifted her up from the ground. She snorted and talked to herself. "How are you?" I asked her. There was a pause, but not an awkward one. It was like as if we'd known each other for months, but I guess it was my first pot experience that made it feel that way. "I'm okay, just exhausted." I had heard of all the sideeffects of smoking pot, and every single one of them was true. I was hungry, thirsty but at the same time, it was the nicest feeling in the world. "Let's go up." She said.

I opened the front door to our apartment and a cloud of smoke met our faces. Everybody was dancing just like before, and I noticed Audrey talking with a guy in the corner. She giggled and held her hands in front of her mouth, you could see she was flirting with the guy. I smiled to myself thinking if she was getting something tonight. I walked to the kitchen and fixed a pina colada for myself, and put a pink straw in the drink. The liquid burned my throat slightly, but I liked the pain. I walked toward Zayn which was dressed smartly in black jeans and a leather jacket. "Hey," he called through the loud music. His white teeth showed as he smiled a great smile. His choclate brown eyes, which I adored, stared into my blue ones, and he gave me a hug. His hands squised me a bit, but I liked that. I could smell the mix between alchohol and cologne on him. "Long time no see, Effie." He responded. The time I mourned my mothers death, Zayn was the one to take care of me. We were best friends from the age of 14 to 17, and then we parted. We met again one year later in Audrey's old dorm, and we'd kept in touch. We used to have something for each other, and I could still feel my heart beat faster everytime we met. His warm smile made me giggle. It seemed like our souls made a connection in that moment, and everything around us stood stil. Even when we were miles apart, he would still be in my heart. "How are you?" I asked him. He opened his mouth about to speak, when a blonde girl stood beside him. Zayn's eyes got big, and he turned to the girl and kissed her cheek. "Aren't you going to introduce us?" The girl questioned Zayn. His eyes looked nervous, and he ran his fingers through his hair. "Yes, of course," he replied. His fingers pointed to the girl; "Effie, this is Mathilde Andersen, my girlfriend of 6 months." Five months ago when my mother had died, and Zayn was the one to take care of me, he'd never mentioned Mathilde. My face turned sour and my heart fell down from it's pedestal. "Mathilde, this is Effie Reynolds." He spoke through the loud music. I squeezed her hand, maybe a little too hard. "Yes, I remember you. You are the girl who's mother got depressed and killed herself, right?" Her words cut right through me, and the ache in my heart grew. My body was paralized from her words. My lips opened, trying to say something, but they couldn't. It wasn't because of her choice of words that I got angry and my heart was filled with sorrow. No, it was the fact that Zayn had spoken about me and my mother like we were lunatics. My mouth opened but nothing came out. "I-" was the only word I could pronounce probably. I slowly turned around, my hands along the sides of my body, and my hair waving back and forth, as I made my way to my bedroom. I could hear Zayn calling my name from a distance, but I didn't care. I shut the door behind me, letting all the tears out. I looked at myself in the mirror and adored the tears streaming down my face. I zipped down my dress, took off my heels, turned the lights off, and fell asleep in my bed.

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