The Sea God's Daughter

Bethany Krisner would have never believed that she was the daughter of a powerful Greek god. That is, until one day, when the strangest thing happened to her. She is taken to Camp Half-Blood, but will she fit in? (Before the book "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan)


2. The Beach Surprise


Chapter Two:

The Beach Surprise


       The boardwalk wasn't very busy, seeing as it was still very early in the morning. I walked up towards the beach, removing my shoes. I strolled along the water, breathing in the peaceful smell of sea salt, the breeze ruffling my hair. I sat close to the water and closed my eyes, enjoying the peaceful moment. I don't know why, but I always feel at ease when I'm by the water. It's the best feeling in the world.

       I opened my eyes and stared out at the horizon, taking in the beautiful view. I could see a seagull flying steadily in the distance. No, wait, not a seagull. I got to my feet and squinted at the flying shape, trying to get a better view. It was definitely not a seagull. Seagulls didn't have four legs. As the figure came into view I suddenly realized what it was. It wasn't a seagull, but a pegasus! I rubbed my eyes.

       It couldn't be true, it just couldn't! Pegasi aren't real. Right? I stared in disbelief as the pegasus flew closer and closer towards the beach. I pinched myself. It had to be a dream. The pegasus landed about two feet away from me, and that's when I noticed it wasn't alone. Someone was riding it! The person leapt casually off the majestic creature and approached me.

       Now that they were into view, I could see the person more clearly. She had long, blonde hair and stormy gray eyes, wearing casual clothes. The girl, who looked about sixteen or seventeen, regarded me with a cold stare. Finally, she spoke.

       "Do you know where he is," she inquired, her voice hopeful and desperate, "Percy?"

       I gulped, "Percy? I don't know anyone named Percy." I glanced nervously at the pegasus again, hardly believing my eyes.

       The girl seemed to deflate, "Are you sure?" she pleaded once more, "He's got black hair and eyes the color of the ocean. Ever seen him?" I shook my head and she sighed. She suddenly noticed me staring at her and her winged horse, and she introduced herself, "Oh, right. I'm Annabeth Chase, and I suppose you are Bethany? Bethany Krisner?" I stared at her.

       "How did you know my name?" I asked, confused.

       Annabeth laughed, "There is a pegasus in front of you and the only question you have is how do you know my name?"

       "I have plenty of other questions," I assured her, "but that one just popped into my head."

       "Well, Bethany, I have been assigned to watch over and protect you. You see, you are...well...," she struggled to find a word, "different. You're a demigod."

       "A what?" I asked, slightly uncomfortable that she had been spying on me.

       "A demigod," she repeated, "half human, half Greek god. I'm a demigod too, from a place called Camp Half-Blood. At camp, all demigods are safe, and that's why I'm supposed to take you there." I stared at her in disbelief. Half god?

       "How?" was all I could manage.

       "Well," Annabeth started, "your mom must have fallen in love with a Greek god and had you, although I'm not sure which god. I'm a daughter of Athena, meaning Athena is technically my mom. Since your mom is mortal though, your dad must be immortal." It took a while for this to sink in.

       "So, you're saying my dad is a god, and I'm part god?" I summed up. Annabeth nodded.

       "Yes, but you're not safe out in the open, with all the monsters running around, so we should really get to camp." Annabeth urged.

       "Hold up," I protested. "what about my mom? I can't just ditch her! She'll be worried sick and running around frantically trying to find me!"

       "That's all covered. I'll have Chiron send her a letter notifying her of your location." Annabeth assured me. She mounted her Pegasus and held out a hand to me. "Well, are you coming or not?"     



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