The Sea God's Daughter

Bethany Krisner would have never believed that she was the daughter of a powerful Greek god. That is, until one day, when the strangest thing happened to her. She is taken to Camp Half-Blood, but will she fit in? (Before the book "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan)


1. Questions About the Past


Chapter One:

Questions About the Past


       I used to think I was normal. Little did I know that I was the complete opposite of normal. I have wild, red hair and eyes as blue as the sea, and to add to that, I have dyslexia. My mother raises me alone, and whenever I try to ask about my father, she changes the subject. She said that he died in a car accident shortly after I was born, but I don't think that's true. I can tell she's hiding something, but in the whole fifteen years of my life, I haven't been able to get a single word out of her about it. That is, until the strangest thing happened to me one Saturday morning.

       I woke up to the barking of my golden retriever, Sadie. She jumped up onto my bed and started licking my face. I pushed her away laughing, "Ew, Sadie! Get off me!" She licked my face one last time and trotted out of my room. I wiped her saliva off my face and got out of bed. I walked sleepily downstairs, still in my pajamas. When I entered the kitchen, my mom and a huge plate of steamy pancakes awaited me. I licked my lips and sat down at the table, helping myself to a couple of pancakes drenched in syrup.

       My mom gave me a small smile. "Well look at that; you're awake," she teased, "I should start calling you sleeping beauty instead of Bethany!" I rolled my eyes and took a huge bite of my pancake before answering.

       "Ha, ha, you're so funny Mom." I retorted. Once I finished my pancakes, I jogged back upstairs to get dressed. I slipped on a grayish-blue tank top and jean shorts, and I picked out a pair of black flip flops before going back downstairs.

       "I'm going to go for a walk down by the beach!" I called to my mom, putting my phone in the pocket of my shorts and advancing towards the front door.

       "All right!" my mom yelled back. And so I started my walk towards the beach, completely oblivious to the fact that this walk would change my life forever.


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