The Sea God's Daughter

Bethany Krisner would have never believed that she was the daughter of a powerful Greek god. That is, until one day, when the strangest thing happened to her. She is taken to Camp Half-Blood, but will she fit in? (Before the book "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan)


4. Camp Half-Blood


Chapter Four:

Camp Half-Blood


        It has been twenty minutes, and Annabeth hasn't been able to calm down the pegasus, whose name is apparently Cloudsky.

       "Please, Cloudsky," pleaded Annabeth, "it's not that far! The storm has calmed down a bit, and I'm sure you'll be fine!" The storm had not, in fact, calmed down even a bit. By now, I was soaked to the bone. I was caught off guard when a voice spoke in my head.

       No way! I'm not gonna fly in this! I'll become cooked pegasus!

       I stared at the pegasus. I thought of telling Annabeth what I'd heard, but changed my mind. It's probably normal to be able to talk pegasus, so I'm sure she heard it. The pegasus reared and galloped away, leaving Annabeth and me behind. Annabeth called after it, but it was no use. Our ride was gone.

       "How are we going to get to camp now?" I asked Annabeth. She thought for a moment.

       "I know! We can call the Gray Sisters!" she exclaimed. She fumbled around in a backpack and withdrew her hand, holding a shiny gold coin. She threw it up in the air and shouted, "Stêthi, Ô hárma diabolês!" As soon as she said the words, my mind immediately translated it into Stop, Chariot of Damnation! To my surprise, the coin sank into the ground, and where the coin had been, the ground melted into a rectangular pool of red liquid.

       Then, a taxi erupted from the blood-like liquid. It wasn't like any taxi I'd ever seen. It looked like it was made of smoke, and the sign read GRAY SISTERS. It took me a moment to read it though, due to my dyslexia. The passenger window of the smoking car rolled down to reveal an old woman with wild hair.

       "Passage?" she demanded. For a second, Annabeth looked like she was remembering another time when this had happened, with a sad and pained expression on her face. She quickly removed the look from her face and answered the woman.

       "Two to Camp Half-Blood." Annabeth responded. She opened the back seat of the cab and motioned for me to follow. I reluctantly climbed into the car, and it was surprisingly solid. When I got in, I immediately noticed that we weren't alone. Two more old women crammed in the front seat. They turned along with the first woman and grinned at me. And only one of them had an eye! They cackled and turned around, seeing my expression.

       The driver yelled, "Long Island!" and slammed her foot down on the accelerator. We took off, my head slamming into the backrest. A voice came on the speaker: Hi, this is Ganymede, cup-bearer to Zeus, and when I'm out buying wine for the Lord of the Skies, I always buckle up!

       I glanced down, and saw a large black chain in the place of a seat belt. I decided to take my chances riding without the chain.

       The lady in the middle, the one with the eye, screeched, "Turn right!" We were jerked to the right, narrowly avoiding an innocent passerby. The driver reached for the other lady's face.

       "Give me the eye Tempest, and I would know that!" she screeched, keeping on hand on the wheel. The lady in the middle, Tempest, shoved her arm away.

       "It's my turn!" she complained, "You'll get it next week!"

       "But I'm driving!"

       "I think you should give her the eye too!" agreed Annabeth, but they ignored her.

       I was going to agree that the driver should have the eye, but I was too busy holding on for dear life, trying not to get sick. We swerved again, zigzagging through waves of cars, moving way above the speed limit. The lady named Tempest turned to the third woman.

       "Anger," she cried, "give me the coin! I wanna bite it!"

       "No! You have the eye, so I get the coin!"

       "Give me the eye!" the driver screeched again, narrowly avoiding a school bus.

       "NO, WASP!" Tempest shouted as they mulled over a stop sign.

       "I should have it!" added Anger. She smacked Tempest hard in the back and the eye popped off. It bounced off the windshield and landed with a thud in my lap. The green eye stared at me and, feeling sick, I tossed it to Wasp.

       "The driver gets the eye!" I yelled, clutching my stomach. Wasp eagerly picked up the eyeball and put it in. She blinked a few times and smiled. We flew through traffic and a couple moments later, we slammed to a stop, right in front of a huge pine tree, with a dragon guarding it! I jumped out of the car with Annabeth close behind me.

       "Ta-ta!" The three sisters said simultaneously, and with a poof, they were gone. 

       "Next time, we're taking a normal cab." I told her. She just laughed and started leading me towards the pine tree. I glanced nervously at her, "Uh, Annabeth, are you sure we should be walking towards a dragon?" Annabeth glanced at it.

       "Oh, Peleus? Yes, we'll be fine. He's just there to guard camp from monsters and other things like that." I nodded, but didn't take my eyes off the massive purple reptile until we were a safe distance away. As we approached the camp, a guy with a bow and quiver jogged up to us.

       "Annabeth, you're back! Any sign of Percy?" he greeted her.

       "None," Annabeth sighed, "but I brought Bethany." she gestured to me. The guy gave me a wave.

       "Hey, welcome to camp. I'm Will."

       I gave him a small smile in response and said, "Bethany." Annabeth gestured for me to follow her, and we walked deeper into camp. Crowds of people noticed us and came running up.

       "Hey Annabeth!"

       "Did you find Percy?"

       "Who's this?"

       "Has she been claimed?"

       Annabeth glanced at me as she calmly answered everyone, "Everyone, this is Bethany. No, didn't find Percy and she hasn't been claimed yet." I stared at her in confusion.

       "What do they mean 'have I been claimed'? I questioned her.

       "Claiming is when your godly parent is revealed." she explained to me. Before I got a chance to answer, someone broke through the crowd and walked towards us. But this was no ordinary person; he was human from his head to his waist, but the rest of his body took the form of a white stallion. Annabeth smiled in relief at the centaur.

       "Ah, Annabeth, I see you have returned. Why don't you show our new member around and then we can talk afterwards." the half horse half man suggested.

       "Sure." Annabeth said, looking slightly disappointed, but she tugged me along anyways. As Annabeth showed me around, she talked all about activities at the camp like magic archery, pegasus riding, the lava wall, and fighting monsters. She also explained that it was mainly a summer camp, but people could choose to stay if they wanted. During the last part of the tour, Annabeth showed me the cabins.

       There were twenty in all, forming what looked like a horseshoe. She led me around, naming which god each of the cabins belonged to.

       "Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, the three major gods, all agreed not to have any more children because they were too powerful and dangerous, but they sometimes broke the rues and had kids anyways." she informed my as we passed their empty and bare cabins. She faltered a bit when she said this, and I took this chance to ask her the question that I had been wondering all day.

       "Who's Percy Jackson?" Annabeth stiffened.

       "My boyfriend." she said shortly, and I decided not to push her any further. "We should get going," Annabeth announced, "it's almost time for the campfire."

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