True Heart Coincidence.

Ever heard of fake love ? yes ? no ? How about true heart ? yes ? Was it a coincidence ? No ? Alright !

Meet Joey Summers, a 16 year old who have been longing to be the lover of the school's prince charming, Kendall Ryan. Getting Kendall attracted to her is probably the hardest thing Jo can do, but getting the bad boy, Adam Matthews was like a flick of a hand.


1. Oh God !

Joey Summers P.O.V. 

"JOEY SUMMERS !" I opened an eye but then directly closed them again. "JOEY SUMMERS GET YOUR LAZY ARSE UP FROM THAT BED RIGHT AWAY BEFORE YOU ARE LATE TO SCHOOL !" The sound of my mom being my alarm wasn't in my morning wishlist at all. 

"Alright, alright, I'll be down there in a minute !" I shouted lazily and dragged myself to the bathroom. When I was done with my shower, I wore the clothes that I have prepared from last night, it was a simple outfit. A knit sweater the falls perfectly on my thigh, a black legging, and a pair of my ugg boots. When I was completely dressed, I grabbed my phone and immediately went downstairs. 


"Good Morning lazy ass," my mom greeted me as I stepped on the kitchen area. 

"Good morning Alarm," I sarcasticly greeted. 

"Are you ready ?" I shot her 'no' look. 

"Do I look like I'm ready ? Hell I don't even want to go to school." Mom just rolled her eyes at me. 

"Go wake your brother up." 

"Step brother mom, step and isn't he suppose to wake up on his own, his 18 for the lord sake." I yelled at her but still went upstair. 

"BE NICE," I heard my mom shouted. I knocked on my 'step brother' door. No answer. knock twice, still no answer. "Whatever, I'm leaving him," I mumbled to myself and went downstair, sneaking away from my mom. 



Finally, I arrived in school just in time for the bell to ring. "Oh great," I rushed myself to my locker and took my first period book, which is Math. Oh why oh why 

Tidying up my books while walking isn't always the easiest thing to do, you ended up falling to the ground book first then you got pulled to the ground and you somehow kissed the floor, that what happens to me right now. Then I heard someone laughing, "You know you could have just asked help." I looked up to see a smirking idiot, Adam. 

"I-I-i d-d-don't know if anyone was here," I stuttered. Adam rolled his eyes laughing and left me there. Why said when you are not helping either ! "Jerk," I muttered to myself before cleaning up my books. 

Adam Matthews a.k.a. the heartbreaker, or should I say the bad boy of Sterling High School. Girls fall for his charming looks, well all girls except me. 

Let's just hope it stays that way

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