The Last of Our Clan

Ivory isn't exactly a normal girl. She actually held a very special gift. The gift to talk to animals. She stayed away from everyone except for her trusted wolf and her aunt because it was meant to be kept a secret from the humans who killed her Clan and her parents. Or so she was told.

Now that Aiden Pierce is the new kid along with his three friends, who also have secrets of their own, will she finally have others to help recreate her clan? will she even get close enough to find out their secrets or even hers for that matter? What will happen if they do? Something bigger than all of them is coming. And they aren't strong enough on their own to handle it.


2. We Aren't Friends

Ivory's POV:


I heard a large russel coming from a rather large bush on my left. Funny how I do not recall being out in the woods and I couldn't quite remember how I got here. There was a fog in my mind and I couldn’t clear it no matter how hard I tried to blow it away. I crouched down when I heard another noise, Sword in hand, preparing for whatever was about to happen. It felt like second nature to do all of this. There was a figure approaching but the fog was too thick so I could not make anything out, only a couple trees closest to me. I grabbed for the knife that some how appeared strapped to my side, and I threw it at the object. I could no longer see it and assumed all was well. All of the sudden I heard a loud cry, god it sounded so familiar. I ran through the thick fog to where I heard it. It hit me as to who was behind this cry.


“LUNA!” I screamed. “Luna!”


I could see a black figure on all fours as I ran forward, trying to get to the figure. It was a never ending run and the more I ran the farther Luna looked from me. I heard my name over and over again as if she were crying for help. I pushed myself harder to try and reach her, as if I was the only one who could save her. I ran faster but it only felt as if I was slowing down. I must get to Luna. I can almost touch her. I felt her pain and the ache in her heart.


“LUNA!!!” I kept screaming, hoping she would come running to me too, but the black figure never moved.


something stopped me from sprinting. My whole body froze up and I stopped my breathing. I felt a cold hand over my mouth. “Surprise.” The whisper crept in my ear and made me shiver.


I could feel sweat roll down my face as I tried to wiggle my way free from the mysterious person. All the sudden my weapons I had just a minute ago vanished. I could no longer defend myself, I could no longer save Luna. I was so useless, I couldn't even save my best friend from harm. What kind of friend was I if I could not help her. I felt all of her physical pain. I could hear her whimper and a tear fell down my cheek.


* * *


I shot up from my bed, gasping for oxygen as if I never felt the air hit my lungs ever before, it comforted me but only for a bit. I could feel droplets of sweat rolling off my forehead and I wiped them away with the back of my hand. When I realized I was safe in my room and not in the hell inside my mind, I relaxed as soon as I saw Luna curled up in a ball at the end of my bed. I have been having this dream ever since I was fourteen and it has been three years now. It still scares me and I feel bad for Luna because I know she can feel my emotions when I am having them and it scares her just as much.


“Ivory?” Luna's voice came out smooth and gentle.


“I am fine.” I said, looking at her. “Sorry for waking you.”


“Was it that dream again?” Even if she asked the question, she knew the answer already.


I nodded my head and faced my window, not really wanting to discuss it any further. I saw beams of light shooting through parts of my curtain and knew it was morning. I got up from my bed sluggishly and opened them to let all of the light in, regretting it immediately when the light burned my eyes. I stumbled back, trying to refuse such brightness. How smart am I? Not that smart at all.


“I can smell breakfast.” Luna cheers, wagging her fluffy white tail. “I laid out your clothing for today, I knew you would probably be in a hurry.”


I smiled, “Luna, you do too much for me.”


“Well that is how it was in your clan Ivory.”


See, I know this is kind of crazy that I talk to Luna and yes Luna talks back but I have a pretty interesting secret. I can talk to animals. And Luna is not a dog like I play it off as, she is a wolf. Pretty out there right, I will explain it. Luna was given to me by my parents, well actually I chose Luna and then she was given to me by my parents, who could also speak to animals. Anyone who had this gift would have their type of animal preference, they call it your animal spirit. You pick your animal spirit when they are still young and they stay with you until your death, then you take the body of your animal in the spirit world and your animal's soul and your soul merge as one. It is crazy I know and might be a little hard to comprehend but I promise it isn’t as hard as some would make it.


My parents were apart of a clan before I was born, called the Ivory clan (Yes, they named me after my clan). The clan was destroyed before I was born by a group of humans who believed we were witches, or so my Aunt told me. My parents and my aunt were the only ones who survived. When I was born, my parents wanted to keep the clan's ways, so I picked my animal spirit, the white wolf. My parents died when I was seven and I lived with my Aunt ever since. The sad part about it is my parents could not live on in their animal spirits, because the humans killed them too. I could only imagine what it would be like to feel that pain of losing your spirit animal. My mother and her fox were bonded as one, just like my father and his grey wolf. It is sad to know that they suffered such horrible pain before death.


“Your parents want to keep the Clan's legacy alive, Ivory. As their dying wish I promised to go by this way. You are my master. Besides, we are no longer children. I did not know then what I know now.”


I sighed, not fighting her anymore on the painful subject. You think I would be used to it by now, but I wasn't. Luna and I were equals, that is how I felt, but I did want to teach our way of the clan to the future clan my parents want me to create. I want to keep that alive as much as Luna does. I sighed, one day the moment will come but for now I had to get ready for school.


I put on the clothes Luna set out for me. Settling on the cute grey cardigan that was my favourite over my faded blue t-shirt and my black capris that I was totally in love with. It was awesome having someone who knew you so well that they set out your favourite outfit for you. I didn’t think about thanking her though, just because she hated when I did so.


Luna nudged at my leg and I knew she wanted to go down to eat. I didn’t bother messing with my hair today and just put it in a messy side braid. I put on my Ivory foundation and cover up and that was all. I finally walked down the stairs to the smell of my aunts cooking.  


“Morning Ivory, Luna.” My aunt smiled as I made it to the illuminated kitchen.


“To you as well Lady Paige.” Luna said, bowing her head.


“Morning Sonic.” I said to the cat that was perched up on the counter top, “helping” my aunt with breakfast.


“I hope you have a wonderful day today, Lady Ivory.” She purred.


I ate my breakfast as fast as I could, grabbed my bag, and crouched down to Luna's level. “Have a good day okay? Watch over Paige and Sonic.” I laughed, petting her on the head.


“Yes M'lady.” Luna said, licking my face.


I hopped into my car and made my way to school, I could feel Luna's sadness and I was guessing it was because I had left. I could always feel how she felt, it was funny because it affected the way I felt as well. I shrugged it off and knew, like always, she would be fine with Paige.


When I finally reached the school parking lot, I parked my Jeep in the spot farthest away from the school like I do every day. I could tell that it had rained earlier last night because the roads were still wet. I ignored the worms on the black top as they wiggled around, trying to survive. While I was making my way to my locker I over heard girls squealing and talking about some new kids. I found it funny, we normally never get new kids. I decided not to think too much about it and got my books for the next couple of class periods and dragged my feet on my way into homeroom, continuing my everyday routine. I sat in the seat all the way in the back of the class, waiting for announcements when all the sudden a new face walked into our room and I got this odd feeling in my stomach.


“Class, this is Aiden Pierce. Please make him feel welcome.” The teacher said bluntly.


Everyone else in the room started whispering around. I mean, I did find it weird that this wasn't the only newbie in our school but still, it wasn't that big of a deal. I ignored everyone’s “whispering” but I really didn’t have a way to drown out all of the girl’s voices.


“Oh my gosh he is so sexy!” One girl said.


“Look at his eyes!” Another went on.


“I’d bang him.”


“No, I call dibs!”


I rolled my eyes and pulled out my earbuds, plugging them into my ipod. there was no way I was going to live through this day listening to all the girls talk about how dreamy this guy was. I turned my volume all the way up and focused on the new book I had gotten at the library.


“Miss Winters!!” I heard over the roar of my music. I could not contain my surprised face as I took out my right ear bud. It was the teacher who had so angrily interrupted my jam session.


“Miss Winters since there seems to be no other rightful human being in this class to show Aiden around, how about you do it.” He pointed at one of the vacant seats around my location. “You can sit there.”


All the other girls huffed and stared at me with fire in their eyes. I clenched my hands into fists. As much as I would love to take the time out of my day to show some newbie around, I believe I had better things to do. I sighed as Aiden took a seat behind me and tapped on my shoulder. I didn’t bother turning around.


“Are you always this cold.” he asked me.


“Maybe.” Was all I said, flipping to the next page in my book. What he didn’t know was that I never talked to anyone anyway, so I didn’t have to worry about giving anyone the cold shoulder.


“But you don’t even know me.” He said, much quieter as Mr. Parker started ranting on about how our football team won another game.


“And you do not know me.” I said dryly.



* * *


When I walked out of homeroom after the bell rang Aiden tried to catch up to me. “Hey where you going!” He shouted from behind.


“Going to class.” I answered, refusing to look back. “Isn’t there somewhere you have to be?”


“Aren't you going to show me around?”


“Probably not.”


I felt a hand grab my wrist and spin me around. I looked at him in the eyes, the best I could with all that hair in the way. “Are you really such a goody goody? Mr. Parker did say show me around.”


“Have someone else show you around.” I ripped my arm out of his grasp and headed towards my first period. I really wasn't interested in making new friends or getting my daily routine messed up because of some kid who couldn't find his own way.


“Come on man, I just got here and I seriously do not know where anything is.” Give me a break.


I rolled my eyes. “Alright fine, if it will get you off my back the rest of the day, but catch up. And my name is not man, it's Ivory.”


“Well Ivory, thank you for being so kind as to show me the way.” I could tell he was smiling behind me.


When I showed him a couple of classes I began to get curious about him. It was a small town and we did not get a lot of newcomers, especially all at once. I decided to ask him a couple questions, but not too many because I didn’t want him to think I was interested in his life story or anything. When I finally thought of the most appropriate question to ask, I did.


“So what made you come to a small town like this one?” I didn’t look at him, I just continue walking forward.


“What makes you ask?” Wasn’t I supposed to have the sour attitude not him?


“It is just odd how a bunch of kids are showing up all in one day. We haven't had a new kid in a couple of years. Normally people don't want to live out in the country or in a small little town.” I pointed to yet another classroom. “That is Mrs. Parker, she is not someone you want to have.”


“Well all those new kids that everyone is talking about, those are my friends. We all decided, for personal reasons, that we needed a little more space. Living out in the city is not an option.” He ignored the part about the class.


“Well doesn't everyone want to live in the city?”


“Well why do you live here?” Hmm turning this one on to me huh?


I paused, decided if I should really get into a conversation such as this one. “Because my aunt lives here.”


“Well we want to live here because of the freedom.” He seemed so serious about the topic. “So what is that?”


I followed his pointer finger. “Oh that is the greenhouse.”


He smiled brightly while walking in the direction of it. I gave my own little smile, even though I was taken back by how interested in a greenhouse he was.


Aiden opened the glass door, when he didn’t go through it I figured he was opening it for me. I didn’t waste anytime getting past him. i couldn’t help but smell his cologne, which was very delightful if I do say so myself.  


“Wow, it is amazing in here.” He gasps.

I didn’t bother mentioning that I take care of all of these plants myself because no one else was willing to. I didn’t think he would care nor did I want him to know anything about me. He knows my name not my story as some people would lamely say.


“Who takes care of all these?” He asks.


I pause for a minute. So much for that. “Me.”


“Wow really? How do you have the time?”


“I come on the weekends.”


“What are these?” he asks, sniffing a different plant.


“Oh those are my favourite.” I walk over to him. “They are really rare. They are called Golden Pagodas.”


“I have never seen them before.”


I gave a small laugh. “Because they are rare. Hmm so you like flowers huh?”


“What? Me? No!” He acted defensive.


“Don’t be ashamed just because you aren’t as big and bad as you wish to be.” I said with a smirk.


“I am not into flowers alright! One of the girls that lives with me is!”


I laughed. “You sure?”


“Yes! She even has her own greenhouse. I just hang out there with her because it is quiet and Arrow- .” All the sudden I hear a gasp.


“Are those tiger lilies!” I heard a girl squeal.


“Speaking of the devil.” Aiden chuckles, turning around to look at his friend.


“OH!” The girl stopped in her tracks. “Sorry for barging in. I saw a greenhouse and just had to ditch class!” The girl looked at me. “Hmm. Already making friends I see.”


“No, she just got stuck with me.” Aiden corrected.


We were not friends.


“How did you get special treatment? No one offered to show me around.” The girl pouts. “ There fault if I get a little lost.”


“This is Sage by the way.” Aiden finally introduced her to me.


I bowed my head slightly. “Ivory.”


“Huh, how proper. The name is Sage.” She held out her hand. I accepted it and we shook, but then she pulled me into a hug.


“It is a pleasure.” I get out, trying to breathe the best I could with my lungs getting squished. I didn’t like the closeness of our bodies or the touching that was going on.


“How is it that you are rude to me and all nice to her!” Aiden’s face looked a bit hurt.


“Because you are Aiden.” Sage giggles. “Any who I guess I will get out of your hair. I see that Aiden marked his territory.” She winked and walked out.


“I should get to class, I have it this period.” I said, trying to ignore what his friend had just said.


“Oh so you only have class certain periods?” He asked.


“Yeah, lucky me.”


“Well I guess I will see you around.” He waved.


“You as well. Have a good rest of your day.”


I found this whole situation awkward, so I strolled out of the greenhouse and back to class. I really didn’t want to stick around to make friends or anything.

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