The Last of Our Clan

Ivory isn't exactly a normal girl. She actually held a very special gift. The gift to talk to animals. She stayed away from everyone except for her trusted wolf and her aunt because it was meant to be kept a secret from the humans who killed her Clan and her parents. Or so she was told.

Now that Aiden Pierce is the new kid along with his three friends, who also have secrets of their own, will she finally have others to help recreate her clan? will she even get close enough to find out their secrets or even hers for that matter? What will happen if they do? Something bigger than all of them is coming. And they aren't strong enough on their own to handle it.


1. The Move

Aiden's POV:


“We have to go.” Leslie ordered, walking through the front door and slamming it behind him. Well someone wasn’t a happy camper this morning.


“Woah man hold up!” Cash began, getting up from the couch in a rushed manner. “What do you mean we have to leave?”


 “Just pack up your shit, we leave tomorrow.” Leslie walked past, not even taking a minute to pause and look at any of us. There was another slam before everything went quiet again. I assumed he went into his room.


 Cash was the one with the most shock plastered on his face, like he hadn't seen this one coming at all. This wasn’t the first time we had to do this so I have no clue why he would still be shocked. As if this apartment had been the home he was raised in. He was so dense. “Dude! I like where we live!” He protested.


 “Well give it a hug and a kiss, cause we won’t be living here anymore.” Sage said, hopping off the small marble counter top she just had her butt on.


 “You’re an ass.” I chuckled and continued sharpening my knife. I didn’t exactly want to get into this argument like Sage did. Sage had a tendency to really get under Cash’s skin because she was so good at it. I cannot remember a time when they spoke to each other in a friendly way.


 “How is it that Leslie gets to call all of the shots! He always tells us when what to do. Why can't we stay in one place?!” Cash shouted.


 “Shut up and do what you're told!” Sage snapped.


 I shook my head, not out of disapproval or anything, but just because Cash is the kind person that you just shake your head at. Sometimes I think that he doesn't quite understand what is going on around him. He was always the clueless one in the bunch. If he didn't have Espen with him, he would be totally hopeless.


 “I mean how long do you think we were going to be staying here man.” I chuckled. “We have a Bear living with us, in the city none the less.”


 “That is no different than Sage having a tiger!” Cash continued to shout.


 “True, but Espen is huge, no offense. Plus Roy is just a big cat.” She smiled, petting Roy as if he were some 3 pound kitten.


“It was crazy to even think about living in such a large city with a tiger, bear, and wolf.” I explained.


All Cash did was huff. I knew this conversation was over, more like I wanted it to be, so I strolled out of the living room and headed to my bedroom.I opened it the door and looked around for Arrow. All I could see was a big black fluffy ball laying on my sheets in the unmade bed. I smiled and laid down next to him, sticking my head in the middle of the giant fluff that was Arrow.


“We are leaving tomorrow.” I informed him, hoping he was more alert and awake.


“Yes master.” I could barely hear his voice because it was muffled.


“You going to help? Or are you going to sleep all day.”


His head rose slightly. “I am sorry Master..”


I patted him on the head. “Sleep, you need it.”


I began getting my things around. Honestly Arrow and didn't have much to pack up, just the bed and my clothes. Other things I could simply throw in a box and call it a day, which is exactly what I did. The last thing to grab was the framed picture laying on the nightstand of my parents and I. I sighed, feeling the pain all over again. I haven't heard from them since our Clan fell apart.


My parents had helped up escape when our alley's turned against us. We had helped them and done what they have asked of us and a couple days later, when our warriors were weak, they turned around and attacked us with all they had. All that we know of is that Leslie, Sage, Cash and I were the only ones to survive. I shook my head, I know my parents made it out. I refused to admit otherwise.


I heard a pecking on my wooden door and it took me out of the horrible memories I was drowning in. I got up to open it and in flew Claw. He made it to the other side of my room, perching on the bedpost that was leaning against the plain white wall.


“Leslie wanted me to check on your progress.” He said, bobbing his head up and down.

 I nodded. “I think I am ready to go.”


“Pack it up in the truck. No reason to bother doing it all tomorrow. I am sure someone else will need help caring their things out.”


I nodded once more. “know where we are going?”


“The address will be revealed tonight I believe. Once your done Leslie wants to discuss how we will get all the animals out of this place.”


I put a hand to my forehead, as if the thought has given me a major headache. “Don't bother telling me how ugly this will get.”


Claw just made weird bird noises and flew back out of my room. Oh this ought to be fun. Following Claw, I strolled out to the living room. Leslie was laying on the couch with his face looking up at the ceiling and his eyes closed, waiting for the rest of us it looked like. I was the first one done out of the other two though when I noticed no one else had been out here.


“I finally found a place in the country.” Leslie began. “It is a fine town, really small. Lot of space for us to train”


I sat across from him on one of the chairs. “Really? Is it nice?”


“much bigger than this place, of course. It will be nice for Roy, Arrow, and Espen to be able to go outside freely” He gave a little smile, which was very rare for Leslie to do. “Maybe we can leave tonight if those boneheads hurry up.”


I nodded. “It would be a hell of a lot easier to sneak the animals out.” Not that the task would be easy anyway.


Cash and Sage walked in, Roy and Espen following in behind them. “We move out tonight.”


“Oh come the fuck on!” Cash yelled.


“You don't get to decide what we do!” Leslie shouted. “Stop complaining!”


“Who died and made you king!” Cash yelled.


Everyone went quiet. Leslie brushed passed all of us, slamming the door to his room once more, this time with more force, making it a lot louder.


“Cash, you idiot.” Sage said, doing a face palm.


I was taken by surprise when Sage didn’t get upset at the comment because Leslie and Sage were brother and sister. They are children of Jasper Fire, who was the leader of the Fire Clan. Leslie was supposed to lead our clan after his father had passed when our allies killed him. Us being the only survivors, that is what Leslie was doing; he was leading the last of our clan. So Cash saying that was probably not the best topic to bring up or even like bring up the fact that his dad was kind of like the king and he, well, died.


“Damn Sage. I am so sorry man.” Cash tried to apologies.


Sage wasn’t having it. “Dude, I know you are upset cause you like your friends at school but how long did you really think we were going to be staying here? I know you don’t like when Leslie tells up what to do but he is all we have and we are all he has. Our dad would of wanted him to look out for all of us and he is in his right mind.” With that, Sage shook her head and walked away with Roy following behind her.  


I went to my room as well, grabbing my boxes full of memories and clothing and took it out to my truck. Then I went to Sage’s to help with her things and stuck them in the Van next. She was sprawled out on her mattress with Roy when I walked in. I could hear his hushed tone as he spoke to her, trying to calm her down. I knew it had hit her harder than she played it off to be, but she wasn’t that sad about Cash saying something about her father, she was mad at how he affected her older brother.


“I didn’t know him.” Sage said out of no where. She was looking at the ceiling “But it still hurt.”


“You knew him, just not well enough.” Roy said.


“It just bugged you because of Leslie.” I said, grabbing a box full of her things.


I saw her nod. “Leslie thinks he has to be this great leader and recreate the clan just as well as my father did.” She sat up, but moved slowly in the process. “I think he feels like he is just disappointing dad.”


“He can’t really disappoint him Sage. Leslie is just watching over a bunch of teenagers.”


She got off of the mattress and Roy followed right behind her. Sage picked it up, but refused to look at me. “We are good at what we do for being our age.” All I did was nod and we grabbed the rest of her boxes. After the van was full of her items, I went to go check on Cash.


I walked into his room and looked around. His things were also boxed up but he had a little more than Sage did. Cash had a habit of collecting trash he didn’t really need or that were unnecessary to have but he had them anyway. When I looked over at his closet he had been inside of it looking at a frame of what I hoped would have a real picture inside.


Sitting down beside him, I glanced over at the picture in his hands. “Good times.” I said, putting on a smile. It was a picture of Sage putting cash in a headlock while I was on leslies shoulders.   

He cleared his throat. “Yeah, before we had to worry about anything.”


 I shrugged. “We are the future Cash.”


 He shook his head. “Whatever man.” He got up from where he was sitting. “Can you help me take my things out to the truck?” I did what he asked, not pushing the envelope. I knew he missed the old days but we couldn’t change what happened.


I stained my back to pick up the heavy shit Cash had in his boxes. I would crack a joke about rocks being in them but I wouldn’t be surprised if that is actually what they were. Again, Cash loved collecting. It took us hours to get everything packed up and ready. We just had two things to worry about now was Leslie and how we were going to pack up the animals.


“Claw will be no problem.” Sage stated, “It’s Roy and Espen I am concerned about.”


 “Okay here is how we are going to do this. All we have to do is slowly make it down the stairs, I will tell you if the coast is clear all they have to do is make a run for it, I don’t care how loud it is when Espen runs.” Cash said. “Take these.” He handed us walkie talkies.


I sighed. “Really?”


 “I have then for special missions such as this.” He grinned his stupid boyish grin.


 “I am going to check on Leslie, you guys go ahead and handle this little plan of yours.”


 I knocked on Leslie's door. “Hey man, we got everything packed up and ready. We are just waiting on you.”


 After waiting a couple minutes outside his door. He finally opened it, revealing nothing but his legs, arms, and three boxes stacked on top of one another. I shook my head, knowing he was outdoing it, but I didn’t say anything and just let him be. He took his time down each flight of stairs till he made it to the vehicles. It looked to me like Sage and Cash did a pretty remarkable job stuffing the animals into our rides. I tried to find any open space to stick the rest of Leslie’s items in the already packed vehicles. When I did Leslie asked how they managed to get Espen and Roy in the van.


 “Cash’s ‘great plan’.” I had to laugh as I said it, cause he never really had any great plans.

 I had to sprint up the flights of stairs to get Claw and Arrow and to check and see if we left anything. I shut off the lights and realized that we actually remembered to get all the things that we needed. I put on the collar I had for Arrow, to pretend he was my dog and got Claw on my shoulder. I realized that is anyone saw me they would think I would be crazy for having an over sized ‘dog’ and a crow on my shoulder but I really didn’t care.


 Sage and Cash where in the van already when I came out of the apartment complex, which left Leslie and I to take the truck. Everyone knew that Leslie enjoyed my company more anyway. My mouth didn't run 100 miles a minute like Cash's did, so it made the ride a bit easier on all of us. The ride took a little longer that I would have wished but we did reach the house before the sun came up. We didn't bother unpacking everything cause we were all beat from driving so long.


 “Welcome home.” Leslie said to all of us when we got out of the car.


 “It is beautiful!” Sage squealed. “IS THAT A GREENHOUSE!!!”


 I heard Cash huff and clearly so did Leslie because he flung an arm over Cash’s shoulder.


 “This time I plan to stay here for a very long time.” Leslie told him. That got a little smile out of Cash and I felt like everything was okay again.

* * *

 I shot up from my bed and rubbed my eyes. “Did you hear that?” No answer, I wiggled my feet around. “ARROW!”


 “Yes?” He didn't bother looking at me. There was another noise, it sounded like a growl.


 “Never mind.” I grumbled, glaring at him. “Time to get up lazy!”


 “Yes Master.” He did as I said and stretched.


 I got up from my bed and went down stairs, Arrow following behind. I heard another roar and went to the back of the house and looked out of the window. They were training without me! I opened the door and everyone looked my way.


 “Hey Aiden!” Sage waved at me, excitedly.


 “Yeah, hi.” I gumbled.


 “Sorry man, we tried to wake you.” Cash yelled, dodging the knife that was being chucked at him. “But Arrow refused to wake you up, or even get up for that matter.”


 “Get changed.” Leslie ordered, throwing two more knives at Cash. There was only one thing Cash was good at, and that was combat.


 I nodded, went upstairs to change and ran back outside. All the sudden three throwing knifes were coming my way as soon as I stepped out the door and I did a backflip just in time. One more second of waiting and I would have been hit.


 “No one is going to give you a minute to prepare.” Leslie said. “Someone will be willing to take you out at any moment. Aiden and Arrow, lets go.”


 “Oh come on man!” Sage said. “I was hoping to take my older brother on.”


 “Hell no, he is mine.” I smirked.


 Everything went silent once we were in our stance. No one bothered to make a single move. I could feel Arrow growing impatient, but I still kept waiting for the exact moment. I closed my eyes, concentrating on my sense of hearing. I heard sluttering and my eyes flew open.When I open. Leslie was no longer in sight.


 “Up there!” Arrow informed  me.


 I looked up and Claw and Leslie were both flying. “Which one?” They were two Ravens hovering above and I couldn't tell them apart.


 I threw knives at both of the Ravens flying over head. I knew that they were both skilled and would not give away their plans of attack. All the sudden one of the Ravens flew down at me, and I dodged. Leslie jolted forward with a knife in human form. Again I dodge the attack, but barely.


 “You are good on your feet.” Leslie smirked. “I always enjoyed fighting with you.”


 Just then Arrow came at Leslie's side, knocking him over. I shifted into a wolf and both Arrow and I were looking down at Leslie, growling.


 “I always enjoy winning.” I smirk.


 “Not so fast.” Last minute I realized that a knife was held by my throat.


 “That was fast.” Cash laughed.


I sighed, good thing I know he won’t really kill me.

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