Wise Words

Just a sample of my thoughts and stuff that I think is bloody brilliant.


3. I was just thinking

Okay, I was just thinking, you never know when it's all over. You never know when you could lose him, her, them. I know that no matter who the one you are thinking about when reading this, you love them. And most likely, they have hurt you badly. Not on purpose, maybe, but they will have made you feel small and hurting, like a child who fell of the bike. But, you still love them. So much that even that hurts. And no matter how much you tell yourself that you shouldn't, that you should let them go, because they hurt you so much, you just can't. And you shouldn't. Because love, whether it is love for a friend, a parent, a sibling or a lover, there are always both sorrow and happiness. It is not to get around. So always grab on to that part of you that love them so passionately, so that you act with your heart, not your mind, because our hearts are stronger and wiser than the brain. The heart may be both naive and stupid at times, but damn, that thing knows that it's doing. Act with your heart. And know that the joy the person brings you is worth so much more than the pain. You will always be hurt. Living is one big piece of what we call hell, but sometimes, it is heaven. And some people experience the depths of hell, while others are more lucky, but at one point or another, despite the shortness of the time you are in heaven, it will make it worthwhile. Because while it might be a nightmare to get through some of the days, other days are a fairy tale. And the days where you feel like you have become a princess in a castle surrounded by unicorns and rainbows and chocolate cookies, those are the days where you love, and accepts the love, and forget about all the pain and tears. 

So, what I am trying to tell you, is that you should love. And while loving, remember that there are no right or wrongs in love. There are so many ways to be a couple, friends, or family. You don't have to be like they are in books. It is okay to find your own way.

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