Teenage Parents

Jess just turned 18 and she's a single mom. Kelsa Just turned 19 and she's expecting triplets but she has a boyfriend. Will Harry love her enough not to leave her? Will the boys be too over protective? Will they run into trouble along the way? Will Jessa get pregnant again? Read to find out what extents they will go to for true love


2. Truth or dare

We were all headed to Hollister when Kelsa and her pregnant tummy got hungry so we stopped by Wetzel Pretzel. Maybree was getting whiney so I held her pretty much the whole time so no shopping was accomplished. We headed to the food court picked up Panda Express and went back to my place. Maybree was so ready for a nap. So I went into her pink sparkly room to put her down. I walked out and showed the boys around the house. After that we played truth or dare. "Jessa truth or dare" Harry asked with a mischievous look on his face. "Dare" I said. "I dare you to mess up Zayn's hair the worst that you can" he said. I walked over to Zayn and ran my fingers trough his hair and tussled it too. After that it looked horrible so I took a picture and uploaded it on twitter."Thanks harry" he said sarcastically. "But your gonna pay" he said. " " "Harry truth or dare" Zayn asked."I dare you and Jessa to play Too Hot." Um.." Harry and I said in unison." Do it or else" Zayn said. " Ok fine we'll do it because your or else's are never good". Harry said. " Your going down Styles" I said. " Ya sure" he said chuckling. "Louis count us down" I said. "3,2,1 makeout".

A/N: Hey guys sorry that this is short the next ones will be better I swear. I need some one to be liam and niall's girlfriend so comment is you want to be one of them. Comment if you want another chapter. I will be uploading more often since I'm on spring break. Thank you for reading. Comment like favorite and be a fan please bye.


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