Teenage Parents

Jess just turned 18 and she's a single mom. Kelsa Just turned 19 and she's expecting triplets but she has a boyfriend. Will Harry love her enough not to leave her? Will the boys be too over protective? Will they run into trouble along the way? Will Jessa get pregnant again? Read to find out what extents they will go to for true love


3. dating

Harry pov

"3,2,1 makeout" was the last thing I heard until me and Jessa were making out it was by far one of the best kisses I've ever had I thought this as our lips moved in sync . I put my hands around her hips at the same time she put her hands around my neck.As we both pulled apart we heard everyone ooh-ing really loud behind us. " Shh" I shhed " you'll wake up Maybree". " sorry" they all said In a hushed voice. "Well Styles you are the first guy that I couldn't resist putting my arms around while playing too hot. "Well McAllister you are the first girl that I couldn't resist putting my arms around while playing too hot either" he said. "Well we are going to go pick up our girlfriends u wanna come guys" no we'll hang here " Jessa said. " k see you later". Louis said as he left with Zayn liam and Niall.

Harry pov

"So Jessa" I said. "So Harry" She said. "Wanna play 20 questions" I asked. "Sure". ( h- Harry j-Jessa)

H: favorite color

J: Blue

H: favorite food

J: French fries

H: will you go out with me

J: yes

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