Teenage Parents

Jess just turned 18 and she's a single mom. Kelsa Just turned 19 and she's expecting triplets but she has a boyfriend. Will Harry love her enough not to leave her? Will the boys be too over protective? Will they run into trouble along the way? Will Jessa get pregnant again? Read to find out what extents they will go to for true love


1. Baby Steps


I was waiting in Build A Bear Workshop with my 11 month daughter , Maybree. We were waiting for my best friend,Kelsa, and her boyfriend, Drake, to get there so we cold go shopping. As we were on our way out of the store I saw One Direction I wasn't like a mega fan but I was somewhat a fan. Harry walked up to my daughter and I and said " excuse me but you have the most adorable baby in the world and now I know where she gets it". " Thanks" I said blushing. "So why are you at Build A Bear Workshop" I asked. "Well Lou's sisters are coming to town and he wanted to get them all something" Harry said. "May I ask your name, love" he said. "I'm Jessa". "Who's this little girl" He asked." This is my daughter Maybree"." Why don't you spend the day with me and the lads" he said. "I would love to but my best friend her boyfriend and I are going shopping for the summer time, then were going to lunch, then we are going shopping for Maybree and the 3 little girls in her tummy" I said. " Well do you mind if the lads and I tag along" he asked. " I think they'll be fine with it" I said. "Ok so we're is- " " Kelsa" I said citing him off. " and-" "Drake" I said cutting him off again. " They should be here in like 20 minutes" I said. "C'mon Hazza" yelled Louis. " I'm comin " he yelled back. "This little cutie pie and you can help us pick out clothes and animals for Louis sister" he said "Do you want to help" Harry asked my daughter. She nodded yes and I sent her over to Louis.As Harry and I walked into the store Maybree was helping the guys pick out the clothes for the bunny. As soon as they were done he introduced me to the guys. Then Kelsa and Drake arrived.

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