Valentines Secret

Anne is a 16 year old girl. She has been the nerd for as long as she could remember, until last year when she finally gained her beauty. Now it's around valentines day and she has a secret admirer. Could it be her crush?


3. Tylers p.o.v

                         Tylers P.O.V

So there's this girl in my history class named Anne, shes realy pretty, but was always the nerd. My friend Trevor dared me to give her these valentines notes, and i have been, every hour, even managed to slide one on her table at lunch when she wasn't looking. I feel really bad about, but i have to do it. Besides shes the "nerd" and people want her to stay that way. And this friday on valentines day i'm supposed to ask her on a date, then somehow make her realize shes being played. I dont even know her. What of shes really nice and i end up liking her? No, shutup Tyler, shes the nerd and always will be. This shouldn't hurt me right? Besides its only meant to hurt her.

                    Annes P.O.V

  I really hope Tyler is the one sending me these cards, it would mean the world to me. It would mean im not the nerd anymore. I think ill start talking to him tomorrow. That will giveme tomorrow Wednesday and Thursday to make him want me even more. So by Friday he wont just like me, but he'll love me!!

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