Valentines Secret

Anne is a 16 year old girl. She has been the nerd for as long as she could remember, until last year when she finally gained her beauty. Now it's around valentines day and she has a secret admirer. Could it be her crush?


4. Thursday history class

                       Anne pov

I could stare at him all day! Omg he turned he caught me, maybe if i smile a little bit it wont be to creepy. No definatly creepy way to creepy. Hes getting up, is he coming over here, omg he is. 

" Hey Anne, i uh.. Kinda have been sending you all theses notes, and uh um do you want to hang out after school? "

"Sure that would be great!" 

"Meet me by the buses after school, then we can go get icecream or something," 

"okie dokie, will do!!" I feel stupid, okie dokie, what the heck was i thinking, better yet i wasnt i didnt even flirt!! But he asked me out!!! Yessss!!!! Anne stop smiling before he turns back! 

                  Tylers pov 

Really Tyler? You ask her to hang out after school! Why did i do that? Its all fake to humiliate her and i ask her to get icecream after school!!! Gosh i feel terrible. But when i was talking to her it was hard for the words to come out... I think i like her!



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