Valentines Secret

Anne is a 16 year old girl. She has been the nerd for as long as she could remember, until last year when she finally gained her beauty. Now it's around valentines day and she has a secret admirer. Could it be her crush?


5. Getting ice cream

               Tylers pov

where is she, i told her to meet me by the buses?! There she is, i cant fake her out like this, shes gorgeous! Why does she have to be the nerd? If i start to like her now, and we did end up dating she would most defiantly find out about this plan to humiliate her. 

      Annes pov

i can see tyler from here, he's so cute! And he's staring at me like he has been waiting for me, well i guess he has been since he wanted to meet up. Ahh my dream come true!

 Tyler: "Hey Anne"

"Hey, so what bus do you take?" 

"I dont, my cars over here, this is just the only place that came to my mind to meet at." 

 Now i feel stupid for asking about the bus, but i get to be alone with him! What if its awkward, no dont say that that will make it awkward.

 Turns out his car was a 2012 black chevy pickup truck!! This is going to be great!

 " so what kind of music do you listen too?" Tyler asked snapping me back into reality.

" Really any kind, country mostly." 

" me too" he said turning up the radio as loud as possible.

     Tylers pov

i like her! I like the nerd, and i cant help it. I more than like her, i have a nervous feeling just sitting by her right now. 

When we pulled into the dairy queen parking lot i turned down the music and without having the intent to humiliate her i look right into her eyes, for the first time i seen ANNE it was like love. 

"Anne i wanted to know if you would be my valentine, and go on a date with me tomorrow night?" 

"I would love to tyler!" Then i kissed her just flat out leaned over and kissed her! Gosh tyler what have you done. This isnt a joke anymore i love Anne!

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