Valentines Secret

Anne is a 16 year old girl. She has been the nerd for as long as she could remember, until last year when she finally gained her beauty. Now it's around valentines day and she has a secret admirer. Could it be her crush?


2. ch.2 The Lunchroom

 "Oh my gosh Jennie guess what!!!" 

 "What is your problem Anne?" 

 "I think Tyler likes me, I have gotten 3 valentines day cards, that say I like you be my valentine, i think they are from the same person, and in history class Tyler was by my desk, then stared at me all hour!"

"Anne he is like one of the most popular people ever! I mean your drop dead gorgeous, but do you think he even knows who you are?"

"Nevermind, what kind of crabs crawled in your cheerios this morning. The Jennie I thought was my bestfriend would belive my instinct."

"Well your instinct is crazy!"

 Just as Jennie was laughing at my theory about Tyler being my secret admirer, he came and sat at the table behind us. We could hear him talking with his friends, perfect maybe he will talk about who he likes!!! 

 "Bro did you see Jennie today?" Asked Trevor one of the four guys that sit with him. 

  " Yeah in third hour, I hope she didn't see me....." Just as he was about to get into what he hoped I didn't see hime do five bubbly idiotic girls came up to sit by him. Of course, everytime something good might happen it gets ruined. Now he's probably gonna finish his conversation with his friends when I'm not around to hear it. 

"Okay maybe Tyler did notice you." Jennie says as I snap out of my daydream of killing those bubbly idiots.

"Yeah, but know what he was gonna say now!!! I am still convinced that he IS my admirer!"

" It seems a little more realistic now that he said something about you in third hour, maybe you will get lucky." 

"Pshhh maybe more like WILL get lucky!" I say laughing putting emphases on will. In the time i took laughing someone has slipped a note onto our table, and Tyler, his friends, and the idiots are no longer behind us.

I unfold the note and it says "I really like you be my valentine?" I take out the other notes for Jennie and I to compare the writing. Exactly the same! And now Tyler has just disappeared. This is not a coincidence. 



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