Valentines Secret

Anne is a 16 year old girl. She has been the nerd for as long as she could remember, until last year when she finally gained her beauty. Now it's around valentines day and she has a secret admirer. Could it be her crush?


1. ch.1 The notes

  My names Anne, I have always been the nerdy kid, the one who got bullied, etc. Last summer I started changing, in a good way. When I got back to school everyone stared... And I mean everyone. I don't want to sound stuck up but I got really pretty. Anyway it's around Valentines day (ew, I hate Valentines day, I was always single) and I have been getting all these strange notes in each of my classes. For example in first hour someone sent me a card saying "I really like you be my valentine?" I had no idea who it was because there wasn't a name! I have gotten 3 so far, each with no name, all say the same thing, and it looks like the same writing. I'm in third hour right now (history), and my crush Tyler is in this class! He keeps staring at me, maybe he has sent me all these, he was by my desk when I walked into class! I have to tell Jennie, shes my bestfriend! After this class is lunch so I have to tell her then, I hope she won't think I'm crazy.

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